RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)


Rajah looks amazingggg

Wow they all look sickening. Sonique looks like a better version of 1990's Linda Evangelista, it's incredible.
It's a bit of a scream that the audience is there clapping for people they probably don't know ffffff the live finales are usually filmed while the season is airing and the fans know the queens T___T

I imagine many are friends and family? That would be sweet.

I think the 6 people at the front are the only family & friends in attendance. They show 2 of them for each queen, so the other people must be seat fillers who probably had really ironclad NDAs to prevent leaks.
So they’ve uploaded the queen’s finale songs onto streaming platforms with photos of their performances as the cover art, so tread carefully if you’re trying to avoid spoilers.