RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Lowkey Coco Montrese comes off as such a hater nn. I feel like I see her fighting with someone on social media as often as Eve 6000 was found commenting on Twitter.


Eh. I think Sapphira was the correct choice, based both on the entire season and the finale (Nymphia was doing... a bit too much on that lipsync). I like Nymphia, I like that we finally have an eastern asian winner and I'm not mad, but there's something to be said about choosing to crown the "fan favorite" when black queens are rarely ever the fan favorites, no matter how well they do...
After Twitter was hyping up that lipsync I expected something better than that… I’m so tired of the completely obvious reveals and messy stunts in these finale lipsyncs. Why did Sapphira have fangs???

Aside from that, I’m incredibly happy with the winner and Top 2.