RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

They knew Plane would devour in the Padam Padam lip sync, naur it’s true.
Me as a Little Bodysuiter spreading fake tea on Reddit that the Republican National Committee bribed RuPaul - registered Republican and known fracker - with $1M dollars (explaining the expanded prize money) to eliminate ethnically Russian Plane Jane before the final lip sync. Creating a clear and easy path for Nymphia's win, that would then act as a psyop to fuel further tensions between Taiwan and China and increase the chances of the military aid to Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan and banning of TikTok in the US being passed. #Rigged&Fracked #Russophobia #PlaneWouldHaveWonPadamPadam #PlaneForAllStars10

I didn’t watch this season, but that final lip sync was a massacre.

As only having checked the thread a few times, what’s the overall consensus on the season?


I didn’t watch this season, but that final lip sync was a massacre.

As only having checked the thread a few times, what’s the overall consensus on the season?

Don't necessarily take my word for it because my memory is very selective, but I think it's been perceived as one of the better modern seasons. For me it certainly is! Very interesting cast, almost all extremely talented. Very diverse, also Plane gave us our first villain in a good while. I think you should definitely watch the season!
I’m sure it’s probably me not accepting being mid-millennial, but some of the audience at the finale looked young. They were serving TeenNick.
I enjoyed the finale, though the entire set felt so cramped and busy. Defo felt claustrophobic at points. Happy Nymphia won, she ate that lip sync up. From the jump she was performing to the entire crowd, whereas I think Sapphira was just performing to the panel and then had to change tact and it was too late. Also, why the fangs? She will do great beyond the show though, she’s a great all-rounder.
Nymphia had too much going on with her outfit at first (that all came off very quickly anyway nn) but I loved the black balloons/boba reveal. Silly and effective.

I got spoiled the winner this morning because I was stupid enough to open Instagram, but I'm so happy with the result. Nymphia was my fave the second she entered the workroom. Fashion? Unparalleled. Humor? Tons. Lovely, funny, talented, never breaking under production's usual machinations until she dominated the penultimate episode. The finale was hers, she had the best solo performance, the best outfits, and in the lipsync she made it impossible for production to rig the final decision. When she showed up as a full ass banana I legit laughed like an idiot.

I really don't know what happened with Sapphira. The makeup was busted, the fashion ill fitting, the teeth (?). If they didn't consider her great track record, in this episode Plane had the better solo performance of the two and would have deserved top 2. Shappira won tons of money with all the challenges won and Miss Congeniality anyway.

On another note, production showing Plane doing her little speech and then zooming on Amanda's face crack for a second made me howl. Messy hoes.


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I found it funny to see the fangs when she opened her mouth tbh. She probably wanted some funny teeth to reveal and this was what she found.
I was watching it on an iPad and couldn’t see vampire teeth, I thought she just had no front teeth, which was even weirder.

Loving the edited in crowd screaming and cheering when there were like 50 people there.

Finale was too long, Plane’s elimination was comically swift and brutal. See you on All Stars I guess.

Which sucks for the queens, because they usually have like a whole year to prepare for the finale (and get coin). I imagine they were given like a extra few days last year to prepare this, but... ugg.
Yeah, you can definitely tell the queens didn't benefit from any touring money between filming to the finale like a regular season. Their looks were so... minimal compared to how extravagant they're normally able to go at the finale. Also the studio audience was so sad cause they obviously have no idea who any of these queens are, so no one is rooting for anyone. The damp applause when Nymphia won and the two people hi-5ing each other at the front??