RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

I think they were both a little surprised at the result. It was VERY neck and neck between them. So i'm not surprised to see the mixed reaction.

I really hope next year they go back to the way the finales have been instead of this one that was shot probably, what? maybe a month after filming?
Here I know we've talked about the writer's strike. But the other rumor is that they were pissed that video of Anetra getting crowned was leaked, so doing a closed finale like this prevents that. Which, I hate that, because the "tv magic" behind Drag Race is so known. Like every single person watching Drag Race who has watched for a minute or is part of the fandom knows that they film multiple crownings...
Asia's butterflies died so Nymphia's bubbles could rise! Banana killed the finale and 100% deserves to take the Taiwanese president some fierce drag jewels. Her ball look was easily one of if not the most memorable win of the season and her runway package was cunt concentrate. A queen that reads as unserious on the surface but if you squint and look at the details you see someone laser focused and with a carefully curated pov. I love her!

Plane whacking Yawn's boyfriend and crushing that entire mob of uWu protecc at all costs smol beans under her hooker boots is such a kii. Zero wins throughout the season, bombed out of the lalaparuza, their opp flipping the narrative 180 with her tits bigger than ever... it's a bad time to be a twink from New York

The designer behind Nymphia's final lipsync look posted them creating the look last year, with Nymphia practicing the reveals while singing Padam Padam. So they knew the song ahead of time and planned their reveals around it... So what the hell was Sapphira doing?

Knowing this show, she probably wanted to bite into a heart (Since the song's about a heartbeat) and drink blood or something and they told her No. But that's just a wild guess.
Things will leak either way so I would hope they focus on creating as good a finale/show as possible in future.

It's for the same reason that I think they should bite the bullet and start travelling around within the season and doing live challenges like virtually every other competition reality show that has come before it.
Didn't love the staging for the finale and the various elements around the budgeting impacts + muted crowd reception for the contestants, but overall, I was entertained. This season probably falls around the middle of the pack for mainline seasons. From a narrative/storytelling perspective, I personally would've rather Sapphira taken the crown because she feels the most fully realised, and therefore I can't really think of her elevating in any capacity for an All Stars. If she eventually is cast, it feels pretty akin to another Shea/AS5 situation.

However, Nymphia more than displayed enough talent throughout the season to justify her win, and overall did the best in the final, so I absolutely cannot begrudge her the win. She sits well in the winners' circle from that perspective - I just wish she hadn't received such a thin edit? Very puzzling that there were a collection of episodes where she barely featured at all.

Also, whilst I appreciate her hip dysplasia probably impacts the kind of footwear she can comfortably wear, but Sapphira's orange boots for her solo performance were... something!
Saphira was so PLUCKED when they revealed Nymphia winning ffff

I think Sapphira's reaction was totally normal and very professional. Obviously she must have felt disappointed but she kept it professional and her congratulating Nymphia felt honest. Sapphira strikes me as a real sweetheart.

I am also obsessed with Jane here. Her look being so unlike her but very funny and incredibly detailed. She's also in great spirits, seemed very celebratory of everyone and she seemed genuinely happy for Nymph.
As Pit Stop was recorded before the show aired so we think they let Trixie and Monet know it they also filmed multiple endings?
The Pit Stop records prior to episodes airing, not entirely before the show begins airing. I believe they do it in blocks of 3 or 4 episodes at a time. But yes, I imagine Monet & Trixie probably did a congratulations message for Nymphia & Sapphira and they uploaded whichever ended up winning.