RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

nn what? Every day I think I'm too online and then something I feel like I should be aware of happens and I had no clue. Honestly, so reassuring.
(I didn’t know either until like 2 days ago and I’m also chronically online ddd) but I guess she liked some Zionist IGs by Amy Schumer back in October so now all of social media hates her because of that. My point was, even without that aspect of her, I think she is a very unexciting queen and a waste of a pick.
I seem to be the only that hoped for a Nymphia / Plane Top 2 lip synch... I like Sapphira but her drag doesn't excite me as much as the other two...

This is what we were hoping for and we’re kinda of shocked it didn’t happen. I think Sapphira is fine just not too interesting.
Whenever I see Nina West I just can't help but think back to @Beautiful Child 2 saying that she looks like a serial killer, because of how true it is.

So much so that when I saw her name on the castlist I was almost like ''oh wow, I can't believe they cast a serial killer!'' before realising that she actually isn't. Or at least hasn't been convicted yet.
Delete this post or you’re going to end up in her cellar next.
Why has no-one told Vanjie that her boy brows in drag are terrible

I was wondering why she looked kinda bad and this nailed it. I don't like the natural brow for her, Personally.

Anyways - I'm excited for this season. Love seeing Shannel back.
As someone who has watched Drag Race since season 1 first aired - I am excited for even more people to experience the ego and perfectionist behaviors of Shannel.

Also jesus christ Plastique is so stunning, in and out of drag. Beauty.
All the promo looks for this are SICKENING. The girls really look out of this world, big congrats to the art director and budget allocator for this!


Not safe for existing

This reminds me of 22 year-old me was sitting in the ~gay~ area (not cruising! Just lots of gays being drunk) of a park in Amsterdam and I was trying to sit with the ~popular~ gays and there was a drag queen there (not Nina West) who started touching my feet and then asked if she could suck my toes and I very clearly said no but she still did it, and I sort of started crouching back but she was very eager and I was clearly struggling but everyone else was just laughing and not helping me at all!

All I'm trying to ask is: was there clear consent in the case of these guys? Or is Nina West like the Toe Sucker of Amsterdam?