RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

My personal top twos:
Episode 1: Plastique & Angeria
Episode 2: Plastique & Gottmik

Though give Jorgeous a badge for continually calling her ‘Plastic’ - I DIE.

Agree with the lipsync winners so far, but also agree it’s incredibly low stakes and that makes it less exciting, sadly.
I still hate that All Stars just gets to streaming because everyone watches it at different times throughout the weekend. It's not as instant as a live episode.
Apparently I was one of the few that actually enjoyed these 2 episodes and didn't find them boring at all?

I really like this no-elimination format compared to regular All Stars. It allows queens to shine in what they excel at without them worrying about being eliminated. The only thing I would change is the overly positive critiques.
I enjoyed the episodes too. Sure, it's low stakes but I think it's better than previous seasons with the Lipsync Assassin and wasting time voting for people. Also, Roxxxy is everything and you can tell she is having so much fun. She also took those reads in episode one so well. I just hate Nina West.
I think I'm going to enjoy this series more than any other for a long time. Not only a great cast for the most part, but this charity angle really adds another dimension to the show and shows a more human side to these queens. using the platform to highlight so many great charities is something we really needed.
They’re trying so hard to make Benefactoress Badge roll of the tongue and it just doesn’t! A legendary legends badge she is not.

I’ve only watched the first episode and I actually enjoyed it? I still despise Nina West with all my being but overall I had fun. It appears I will be thirsting over Plastique out of drag for the forseesble, so there’s that.
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Amongst many gripes about this season, the charity angle feels so dark sided and artificial. You know deep-down every one of those queens is seething below the surface when they have to mention their charity, and how 'excited' they are for their wins to contribute to it.

Nina West, Jorgeous, and to a lesser extent Vanjie, are all completely insufferable. A Roxxxy win is almost more obvious than the Shea win in AS5.

It's so clear they didn't actually come up with the choreo for the final performance in episode one, and the perfume angle on the runway felt so random.
Don’t know why, but I just can’t get into Roxxxy… never enjoyed her much and her overstaying AS2 and having my two favourites Alyssa and Tati eliminated because of that just made it worse. I really don’t want her to win this.