RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Me after the Black Panther acting challenge:
They should have praised her to heaven and back for it!

Me after the diva worship “Ariana Grande” moment:
They should have praised her to heaven and back for it!

Me after her Lovely Mimi Snatch Game:
They should have praised her to heaven and back for it!

Me after the Trump Rusical:
They should have praised her to heaven and back for it!
Jorgeous is hilarious and I could watch her all day long but jesus, the first episode was so boring. I don’t love the nonelimination format.
Shit was boring. I did enjoy watching Shannel get visibly more over it as the episodes went on however. Yes mother, catch the cliques with those piercing blue eyes. I'm also just obsessed with her maximalist take on drag, boy clothes and the holiday season. The idea of her ushering families through that christmas hellscape for 100 bucks with no eyebrows, no refunds and a garish baseball cap. Queen

Roxxxy is also just so charismatic like the Logo girls just get it. When Plastique was rolling around on the floor and she quietly quipped "is this a Tik Tok dance?". Scream. I don't know maybe i'm just burnt out on the show but the idea of this no critiques no money no eliminations no drag knowledge ass season is making me consider picking up an actual hobby

I actually thoroughly enjoyed both episodes (although I also took an edible before watching them back to back)
My thoughts: Plastique in the Sailor Starlights cosplay in episode 1 had my heart.
And she killed the ball. Although I would've also chosen Mik to win the lipsync.
Roxxy was so close to being in the top 2 too in my opinion. It was really neck and neck between the 3 of them.

Nina was like the standout terrible look... The girls all acting like she competition is funny. Yeah she can pull a goofy face if they throw comedy challenges at them. But several of the other queens are hilarious too.

I am so glad they went with non elimination though, I like to see the queens get their money's worth investment (Even though money was supplied to them this year to get looks). And I don't even really see it as "all positive critiques", because they truthfully are all operating at a really high level, it would be a season of absolute nitpicking if they were going to throw out too many critiques.

I do think an interesting change this season is not letting the queens know who's lipsyncing before they give them time to change if they so choose. I wonder if that is going to end up making any difference in any lipsync. Angeria showed you can kill it even in a look that isn't what one might normally wear for that song.

And I will say, both lipsyncs were really great in my opinion.

EDIT: OH. Last thing: Untucked is such a waste of time. First episode Keke spent sooo much time asking the queens about their signs. And in the second episode, they played like pictionary or whatever? Like what are the Untucked producers doing?
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I watched the season premiere on YouTube and the runway from the ball episode and Jesus, what a frictionless mess. It's hard to not see this as All Stars well and truly in decline, going from last season's No Stars to a season where the production values are clearly through the roof to try and court the top drawer talent that now no longer needs to take the chance with the show's swinging pendulum of favour... only for Nina West to toddle out padded like a Tetris block and coloured like one in her own-made garment for the ball challenge. I was eating dinner and dropped my fork to cover my eyes! Her most convincing look is her Picasso-inspired confessional look! I weep!

I just... I would understand the bending over backwards if this was a top-class cast. I understood the bending over backwards for something as grand and ceremonial as All Winners. I don't understand it on a cast with Nina West, Vanjie, and even though I love her, Gorgeous, who when eliminated on her original season, left the stage with the bliss of someone finally allowed to die after suffering from a terminal illness for years. We don't need a lot of these girls all season, especially when there's zero pressure or stakes to create interesting dynamics and a bit of tension. Sometimes sticking around actually does more damage to them, as Roxxxy can attest to. She, Gottmik, and Plastique are presumably the ones production thought that capitulation made sense for. But the rest?

I get the girls' complaints about how much it costs to go on the show, and how unfairly some of them have been treated in the past... but there has to be a balance between the show being a loving drag showcase and an engaging, competitive reality show, and I think potential cast members need to understand that. I'm out!
I think it just needs a tighter edit. These queens are still highly enjoyable (and then there’s Nina…)

Mama Ru serving orphan Annie in that wig though.