RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Well, I had no idea about the Nina stuff. An easy flush then, but I will say that I found her Snatch watchable mostly because I got Joan "The Freak" Ferguson (from Wentworth) as Liberace and enjoyed the terror of it rather than the jokes that were certainly plentiful, but so were her lip sync reveals and we know how that went.

Anyway, I really can't take Jorgeous and everything she says being some clichéd line or previously bludgeoned to death catchphrase of someone else. The edit insisting that she's hilarious is making it insufferable. And her lip syncs are like watching a Just Dance silhouette - keep it mute please.

I'd love to see more Shannel being Shannel, but Angeria is my favourite so far and Gottmik was exceptional on the runway, that was art beyond drag.

Also, Roxxxy - that was quite a weak runway for her, especially the nude illusion that looked like a mat of foam wrapped around her. Maybe I should watch the Untuckeds, which is definitely where I am hoping Shannel and Roxxxy will excel.

Vanjie is a tough watch sometimes, but the "you're asking a lot of questions" did make me laugh.
“I’ve also heard people saying she’s liked lots of pro Palestine stuff.”

*shows proof of her liking pro Israel stuff*

“Unless I see it for myself, you have to take it with a grain of salt.”

Just say you like Nina West, you don’t need to try and convince us to like her too.

I don’t even like Nina, her drag isn’t for me at all.

As I said, a screenshot isn’t proof as they can be easily faked. 5 minutes on Twitter proves that.
Snatch Game as a concept died when the queens took "doing a historical/fictional character" and turned it into "do whatever possible to make Ru laugh and make it as loosely connected to your character as possible". I blame Ru for hammering "but how are you gonna make it funny?" for 13 seasons straight.
As ever, I’m enjoying the Nina Weat drags in this thread. They keep be hydrated and nourished, so thank you!

Snatch Game was okay-ish. Jorgeous was unintentionally funny.

Gotmik ate so hard this week. Their snatch game character was funny and their runway was incredible. I genuinely yelped when I saw it. I half expected the panel to talk about how impactful that runway way but alas.

The lip sync was abysmal. Nina was waiting to reveal that? Ugly garment after ugly garment? All she did was spin and pull off fabric. ALSO! If you’re gonna take off multiple pieces of clothing during a lip sync, make sure they’re thrown OFF the stage and not around the stage so the other lip syncer can’t move around. She’s so shit!!!!

Also, Raven. Girl…
Gottmik did really great. Sometimes we complain that the later seasons don't have as many "All Stars" calibre queens as the single digit ones, but Mik is definitely one of them.

Also as some have noticed the edit in the lipsync was definitely shady because while there was attention on Nina we didn't get many close ups of her ugly dresses, and in the end it still went to Gottmik.
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Plastique and Mik (plus Angie maybe) are so far the only queens who are truly bringing packages worthy of a non-elimination season. Everything feels very elevated, thoughtful and intentional, which I love to see.

The benefit of this format is getting the opportunity to really push the boat out and excel in your lane, so I would have hoped to see more of the cast rise to that challenge.
This would be Jorgeous' second bottom 2 if this was a normal season. Let's see if she can make it 5 in a row

The way 2 episodes ago she said she was in her head for the comedy challenges before and she's going to change it this time, only to do worse than before dd. This season also proved she shouldn't have won the design challenge (her only win) of her season.