RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

The way she’s gonna be unjustifiably eliminated the minute they put her in the bottom despite excelling every single week…I’m already livid.
If lovely, charming Scarlet makes Ru *uncomfortable*, imagine how we feel watching that crusty, unhinged cunt siphon trauma out of queer people like a damned vampire week after week! Like, the dolls had no choice but to divulge their PTSD this week huh?

Also, um Eureka is not really grating on me this season.
What in the hell is this challenge?
"The challenge today is... Talking."
Like what is there to really judge here?

And it's not like other challenges where there was a director, a "Live TV" element, or anything. They literally just had to talk about things, which they all did. I feel like they should've had it been them + a guest, like Jaida Pinkett-Smith to really mimic Red Table Talk, or even one of the judges or RuPaul herself, so the challenge would be juggling a conversation, respecting the guest, etc. But this was just weird... Because there wasn't a real challenge here?

And honestly, Fuck their critiques of Scarlet. I'm actually pretty lukewarm when it comes to Scarlet, I'm not ride or die for her like most of y'all. But what they had an issue with with her was so... to put it in Ru's words: uncomfortable. She should've spoken up to tell them off because fuck it. Not everyone has a strong divide between who they are in drag and who they are out of drag, and I suspect that to be true of her. She doesn't put on drag to play a character, her drag is very personal to her. Hell, look at her runway for a clear example.
I don't think she was "Bouncing between drag persona and mother's son persona", I think she was just being herself. She is light hearted and had such sweet things to say about her family... To critique her for being... jokey? or light hearted? Is just weird, because it didn't pull away from what she was saying- it's just her being a multi-faceted person? All 3 of the people in the bottom had the least traumatic backstories to share.

I'm not surprised that the only challenge this week was talking about tough things because Drag Race tries to milk that every week. But it is weird that that was the only challenge of the episode. Jan was crying for being seen as too upbeat, Scarlet being told she's uncomfortable because she was lighthearted and Kylie being told she's too soft spoken?
Like LET PEOPLE BE WHO THEY ARE. Drag is supposed to be a celebration of who we are as queer people, our happiness and our sadness, our creativity and our passion. Fuck this episode, and every episode of this damn series that goes SO FAR out of it's way to make the queens feel bad about themselves.


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As a Black boy growing up in a Baptist then Pentecostal church in the North's South (Ohio~) - Ra'jah, A'keria, and Trinity talking about disappointing your mother when it comes to identity and trying to reconcile that relationship is real as SHXT. Like, it took a pandemic and multiple cries on the phone for both of my parents, but especially my mom to say how they are proud of me and like, I haven't heard that once since before I came out in 2003 despite all the 'good' shit that they expect of me and I do to make myself matter like my siblings with children. Like, when Ra'jah talked about being dressed in your Sunday best and turning it at Sunday service with momma?! That was me. I remember getting baptized and then having to get 'interviewed' by the reverend in front of the whole congregation and all I wanted was to look back into the pews and see my momma smiling back at me. My mother has always been, and will always be that for me. I was a complete momma's boy and not afraid of it because as the parent that raised me till I ran away at 16, she was my rock. So seeing that other Black boys are on that journey as well just hit my heart so hard. Like fuck. Seeing yourself on TV is such a rewarding thing cos it happens when you almost can't and shouldn't expect it.
Finally caught up and RuPaul saying Scarlett makes her “uncomfortable” is absolutely rotten.

I need to read the spoilers thread to know how long I have to keep on putting up with Jan.
I think as the season goes on I just am a little bit bitter they keep inviting people back. Did we need Ginger or Eureka here? I understand bringing AS1 queens back but (especially when they use them as assassins) there’s so many early season queens.

Jessica Wild, Dida Ritz, April Carrion, Joslyn Fox, Jade Jolie all deserve a spot over someone like Eureka who was on two seasons back to back just a few years ago. Or Ginger who was an early out on All Stars not that long ago.

I just saw Kandy Ho perform and she was great. I know this is about raking in the coins with big names but there are so many “forgotten” queens who deserve the airtime

I wish we lived in a world where Willam, Laganja, Courtney Act, Asia, The Vixen, etc could be on All Stars.
Ginger must be stopped. The way she is continually rewarded for bottomworthy performances...

behave! this is the first time she’s been in the top all season, she’s been low/bottom half the other weeks?

besides that, while I admit I was surprised to see them reward her *after* they had named a different top team (same way I was surprised when they did it with Juju), she was absolutely in contention for that win.
I rewatched it last night and although a win for either Trinity or Eureka would also have been justified, so was Ginger.
She was smooth, well spoken, witty and charismatic, all while carrying her team through it. Hosting is… her gig.
Also Jan not being able to come up with own material an reciting Pandora with that twink-line.

There´s such a desperation to do "play" dragrace well...that she loses any kind of originality or authenticity. (character-, fashion- and performancewise).

I noticed that as well. She didn't say anything original.

Also when on the talk, she said "that's the vulnerability the judges want to see" I honestly nearly chucked my TV out the window.

I swear Jan wasn't this annoying on Season 12.