RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

I know we need plot twists and face cracks to keep the formula from dying of old age but it's increasingly at the expense of a season's narrative. Like... whomst was gagging to see Eureka bomb another finale? You just know Trinity would have stormed the final 4 Rumix with a hunger. It was uncomfortable watching her break down in the work room especially knowing how well she did in the challenge. She was probably my favourite queen this season when all's said and done. A perpetually pressed, extremely talented trailblazer. Mhm!

The Glamour Toad spending 5 solid minutes telling us who the Wicked Witch of the East is like she's at the G7 Summit. The way i sat stone faced throughout because i have taste but mostly because Henvy's nice mommy story got her eliminated. At least she's tanking in the Social Media charts. The jesters panel can't payola you those numbers. Giggles in angry twink

And she’s already won 60K. She doesn’t need 100K more. Especially when we’ve got Trinity so grateful for her 5K to buy a used car. Make it make sense.

Not to mention if you recall, in one of the first episodes Trinity says "I don't really know any of these girls", eluding to the fact that she does not get booked on all the tours and is out doing all the RuGirl things which is a huge shame and i'm sure will be mended once touring starts again. But Ginger has won all this money already, and has toured around and done all the things. Trinity deserves more not just money, but also just opportunity. And it would've been really nice to see her in the top 4.
Like I’ve been preaching and saying the wrong people keep getting these chances and gassed up just cause they cup Ru’s nuts the right way, they’ve had ample opportunity to prove they are a winner and it just hasn’t happened. You have literal excellence being shoved off in favor of the not so great.
Yeah I honestly don't think Eureka's to blame here, she did really well this season and, in my opinion, better than Ginger. She had only one week in the bottom and she should've won the Pink Table Talk instead of Ginger, besides doing much better on the runway, so her being in the Top 4 doesn't seem wrong.

As many others have said, her personality bothered me a lot less this season.

Anyway, I need Ra'Jah to win. Love seeing her being a fave across social media.

I honestly feel like production will go for a double crowning this time around, but I can't figure out which pair of queens they'll choose. Based on fan reception, it'd be Kylie and Ra'Jah, but I feel like they wouldn't want to have two big girls in the finale and then leave them being the only ones without a crown. I think they might go for Ginger and Kylie, I don't know...
I thought that was a great episode? I didn’t love the result but it was a brilliant idea for a challenge and since it wasn’t strictly stand-up, no one outright bombed. Which was unfortunate for Trinity because I think someone bombing might’ve saved her.

I don’t blame the queens for picking her either. They were all at risk and a misjudged lipstick choice could result in any of them of going instead or a tie. When someone is so obviously signposting that they are the natural choice to go, you’re going to vote for them - even when they aren’t the right choice at all. I’m shocked Trinity didn’t an least attempt at uprising against Ginger.

I don’t have a clue who will get crowned next week. Whether it’s a solo win or as part of a double crowning, I can’t see Ginger not winning and I hate it.
Eureka's unhinged "It's just too hard to choose between them... so maybe I should send you home hahaHAHahahAHAAA!!!!" bolt into Ginger's heart during their one on one had me screeching. Yes, rile her up!

The fight seemed to go out of Trinity the moment she found out someone was going to be brought back.
TKB is an authentic legend and should not be bothered by World of Wonder's antics. I hope she's proud of all that she's accomplished on this season, from her multiple challenge wins, stunning runway presentations, and going head to head with Laganja in arguably the most memorable lip sync in the show's history (outside of Silky and Alyssa vs. Tatianna). She joins the ranks of Nina Bo'nina Brown as one of my aloof faves. Funnily enough they both served iconic Untucked moments garnered in animal ears and giving no fucks.





Making calls based on who has the most bottom placements is a bit silly when half the bottom placements are just for the hell of it OR are "if you're not in the top, you're in the bottom" which isn't even a fair "bottom placement" to be making judgments on.
Making calls based on who has the most bottom placements is a bit silly when half the bottom placements are just for the hell of it OR are "if you're not in the top, you're in the bottom" which isn't even a fair "bottom placement" to be making judgments on.
I felt the same for AS2-4 where you had double the chance of having a “win” to your name because they were definitely counting wins if they made Top 2 regardless of who won the LSFYLegacy. It’s so arbitrary the way all of these things are counted.

It also cracks me up that the Producers really think we are stupid. WHAT is the point of a lip sync tie when, in the event of a tie, the money goes to the actual competitor, and we know they aren’t going to go from a top 5 to a top 3, so all it becomes is a double slap in the face to the one queen that got eliminated by everyone. It tickled me pink when it meant Tati AND Alyssa were both coming back and got to send home Phi Phi, but every other example of it has been so stupid.
Ginger would so greatly benefit from giving us a break from her. I think she's a good performer, and she's a really nice person which I always appreciate in a drag queen. But everyone's just so burnt out on seeing her on TV that it's actually played to her detriment. Especially in a season with so many storylines about "I've never won anything before, now i'm on this season and winning"