RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Ok, I love Kandy after watching her MTQ.

Love Mik, Symone and Denali too.

Olivia seemed cute.

Can't decide if Utica's annoying or cute. Like the laugh though.

Tamisha seemed genuinely happy that Lala's in the same season as her which is very cute, we know a lot of queens would've been bothered to share the spotlight.
Tina Burner and Rose made me laugh so much during the MTQ.

GottMik has got this one IN THE BAGGGGG.

Found the promo on Kandy’s Instagram:

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I was initially drawn most to Gottmiik, LaLaRi and Olivia. Olivia though was just because her energy was gorgeous... but I do worry she will get swallowed up. Joey too.. seemed nice (and HELLO out of drag) but the no wig thing (even though she already is wearing a wig during one of these promos lol) worries me for her.

I got Jan from Rose even before she said Jan, Tina was the one that gave me Nina West rather than Elliott, and OBVIOUSLY Kandy gives me Dahlia/Aja. Kandy and Utica seem like they’re going to be the wildest ride.
Kennedy Davenport posting on facebook a picture of Gottmik and saying "
I wonder what folk have to say now... folks still kill me about who yall think they will amd wont let on the show.. i keep saying it..

That is just not it for me.
This is season f*cking THIRTEEN. We are a little bit past this ignorant sort of "You never know" remark. SO FAR PAST IT.

I don't want to retype what I tweeted about this so, here