RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

These clown skits make Dora the Explorer look subversive. We’re not Drag Tots, Ru! You can let a joke breathe and settle before you let Jinkx cackle the scene into oblivion. I actually appreciated Shea just being a believable normal person fffff. 9021-ho found in the museum of film & television

Raja stomped because she probably was that gum chewing eye rolling goth in the late 80's. Time traveling queen. Also “i don’t really need many lines i just want to serve a look” is so fucking funny alaksksnskkw. Yes mom, clarify your brand!

Also Yvie kind of looked incredible this week. Her best look me thinks!

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This acting challenge wasn't bad at all (and any challenges that sees Raja winning is a plus in my books).Trinity truly deserved a top place too (who was, sincerely, hilarious playing dumb).
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I just think the show's format is getting stale, which is being exacerbated by the artificially positive critiques and drawn out episodes of this season.

Whether it be Top Chef, Top Model or Project Runway, every other competition reality series on Drag Race's makes the point of upping the stakes and production value as the show grows. International trips, externally produced challenges with investment by leaders in their fields, giving contestants the opportunity to showcase what they actually do in the real world. Why not take the top 5/6 on the road? Dragula did it in their first season on a measly budget.

Meanwhile, over a decade in we're still watching Ross Matthews gurning from across the same IKEA desk in the same tiny studio in West Hollywood where the contestants are kept under lock and key, performing the same shitty challenges in the same lot.

Only Drag Race Thailand has actually taken the format to a different echelon; in season 1 they rented an entire fucking palace produced an actual scripted soap opera featuring the entire cast, and in both season finales they gave the queens agency to go away and produce a show for a live audience.

There is no reason why they cannot do better.