RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Can we just BAN all acting challenges on this show PLEASE? I know they need to pad it out for that one hour mark but can we just get photoshoots or more cringey roasts instead?

We know that the format of them serves the producers in a usual season well - easy to set girls up to fail, easy to construct narratives, the fact they aren’t funny at all means that Ru/the judges can just *tell the audience* who did well and poorly to justify their decisions… it’s shit as a discerning viewer but I can see why they like them.

But for a season with this format they make no sense. Nobody is being booted off so who is this serving? These are top tier girls with immense talent who we are already invested in. At the most producers could provide the premise and role descriptions then should let the girls have at it and make up their own lines and interactions - a la the Fairytale Courtroom one which…gave pre-written teas but they could do so much more with it regardless.

It was said in this thread maybe a page or so back that unlike other long running reality shows, RPDR hasn’t meaningfully expanded or evolved its format since the beginning. It’s all minor tweaks to eliminations (or lack thereof) and methods of getting to the top, but the rest is run like clockwork to its detriment. I know we’re a far cry from the chaos of 00s reality TV but how many of us wish for another Season 2 Cherry Pie challenge moment? Or as others mentioned how in Thailand they actually had the girls do shows by the end? I can’t help but feel RPDR would and will flourish once Ru gives up.
Can we just BAN all acting challenges on this show PLEASE? I know they need to pad it out for that one hour mark but can we just get photoshoots or more cringey roasts instead?

I especially hate the acting challenges when it’s Michelle Visage directing. Is she an actor?

I love the talk show challenges they’ve done in the past. They could easily replace the acting with that. Seeing as though so many queens now have their own podcasts it makes more sense.


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The positive critiques were exhausting this week.

I haven't minded them much in past weeks because everyone has genuinely done well aside from the improv challenge, but it was seriously laughable how the judges were acting this week. It felt extra stupid given the terrible material the girls were working with. There's a way of being positive without being so over-the-top.

This is also the second time Ru has said "this is gonna be an all-time look" which... ??? Shea looked great but a look that would go down in history? I don't think. It was even more ridiculous when he said it about Viv's spiky outfit which I barely remember at this point.

Ru should have said it about this look though

Shea’s would have been high fashion perfection had she perhaps chose either the plaid (shawl pattern) or melting crayon (headpiece), but not both. It was honestly a tad too busy, but otherwise could have been one of the best looks to ever walk the runway.
Ru tends to ~love~ looks that she can imagine herself in which isn't necessarily a bad way to perceive fashion but when you're the overseer on drag excellence it can read as a little tunnel visioned and just not... fair ddd. They would benefit from a younger permanent judge with a history in drag to replace The Heinous Ross Matthews who is one "say thankyou to the nice lady!" away from developing button eyes and spinning a child trapping web

In terms of switching things up, I've been feeling it for seasons. Just get them out of the work room again and into daylight for a couple of episodes.

I think it's because they are terrified someone will see them filming and know who's on the season? As if they couldn't just go to a closed set...

Well, I for one am tired of them playing the charade of it being a secret who is on anyways. It's not. So they shouldn't even bother to keep it secret for months.