RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Another week another ugly shiny bomber for the hilarious Ross Mathews.


Jinkx definitely had the best set, as expected, but I actually thought Monet was funnier than Trinity. However, Ru was doing her usual laughing like a banshee in heat to Trinity so I knew it was a wrap.

I can’t believe the final challenge is a damn talent show essentially. Put me out of my misery now.
I think Yvie had some of the funniest jokes. Her, Vivienne, Jinkx and Trinity were the best. Monet was solid but I expected slightly more from her.

Some of the runways did NOT work on TV. Monet's and Raja's were too dim. The Vivienne's worked really nicely - shame about that wig.
Most of the roasts had great moments, but I agreed with the top 2. Good to see that there's no blocking this week and that next one is a variety show...let the queens try to get a spot in the finale as fairly as possible. It's almost unthinkable that Shea has ended as she has, but I would have to agree considering her run this season.

Also I think it's time to have a conversation about lipsyncs where one person hijacks the rival's performance to perform sexual gestures. When the other one joins in is fun, but it honestly made me a little uncomfortable here (and the distaste of doing it in front of Ronan Farrow).