RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Seems like a very talented and entertaining cast. You can just tell we’re getting some drama this season.

I love the aesthetic for the promo, it’s sensory overland I might have to rewatch.
Whew, the production values already.

Luxx rambling on about world records and the pronunciation of "Aunt" in her MTQ had me rolling.
I'm so excited for her, Sasha, and Anetra the most, but this seems like such a fun cast.
Salina is giving Mateo family on poppers with that chaotic energy.
Sugar and Spice giving

I don't see it for them but ok.

It seems like they’re going to be competing separately, which I really don’t understand. Their whole brand is that they do drag together… they’re like a duo act.

I will say, I was surprised by how endearing I found them in the interviews. Was fully ready to cringe but they were cute, funny, and self-aware. And damn they really look great.

My current faves:
Sugar / Spice

Overall seems like a strong cast.