RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

I wonder whether they'll be competing as one or individually. Losing to your identical twin must be bad for the psyche.
I am really not hype for another season yet after how many came out this year, but I've felt that way about every season since 10 and liked most of them (13 less so). I haven't heard of anyone outside of Sasha so it could bring a lot of early season energy.
Zero Chicago queens once again. The gag. I wish some of them would get on Drag Race so they can go be rude and cliquey somewhere else.

Anyways- I am glad the cast is finally announced so I can scream from the top of my lungs the cast spoiler that i've had to contain myself from for months which is

I am so fucking excited for her. If she doesn't win, this show is more rotted than we thought.
I have a friend from Seattle who has saw Irene Dubois perform years ago and said she was "incredible" back then (although admittedly this was before she rebranded into "Alien") so I have high hopes.