RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

I love Alexis but she did slightly annoy me on the runway. However I'll forgive her for impersonating Agnes Moorehead.
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This season would have been fantastic with a bit less meddling in the name of storytelling and letting things run a bit more naturally - the cast is good enough and they'd have still gotten to the end point they clearly seem to want. It's just making it difficult to get into the season when the judging makes so little sense.

I love Jessica but she didn't deserve to win the Ball to me, and after years of the "It's just stuff glued to a corset" critique it was a bit odd to hear them glowing about an outfit that was just that (even if very well done). It was similar with Jaymes "You didn't know any of the choreo but it doesn't matter because it's YOU" in week 1. And to say that Heidi's Ball package was just "safe" is an insult to her and the viewers.

It's no wonder the girls simultaneously have no idea what's going on and yet know EXACTLY what's going on. God bless Alexis at least trying to shake it up.

Also, I'm a bit bored of the Assassin format. The bottom 2s of this season in LSFYLs would have served, and I like the idea of the top All Star being able to save one of the bottom 3 and the other 2 lip sync.

Darienne said at the Roscoe's viewing party the Ass outfit she wore was actually Kasha's and she left it for her, which explains Kasha's Fame Game look...
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I know this isn't peak Drag Race, but I'm still enjoying it. It's not as offensively awful as the worst seasons of the main franchise and Jimbo is endlessly watchable, and I think is coming across really well this time. The looks have also been very correct.

Also, I personally would have given that lip sync to Jimbo, but at this stage it would be a shame to break their losing streak.
Yeah it's kind of iconic though. The thing is, Jimbo could be an excellent lip syncer. The words are usually there, but it's just the movement. But Jimbo is a good performer. It's like in the lip syncs they just think, ah fuck it I'll just have fun, and not actually try to relate what the body is doing with any kind of choreographed connection to the song.

It's funny. But I thought that Jimbo did ok on Bad Reputation.

Overall though, Jimbo is TV gold. When they pretended to be the bus driver running over Darienne when Alexis promptly gave her up as a sacrifice, I screamed.
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A terrible episode once again. Jimbo favouritism once again. It's so boring watching them be shit at lip syncing.
Favouritism how? They're nailing everything so far, apart from the lip sync. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if they're deliberately just being silly, so they don't have to eliminate anyone and get the heat from fans.

But in the challenges and on the runway, Jimbo is doing good. It'll be really fucking annoying if this ends up being a season that is marred with "favouritism" criticism, mainly because of the mediocre cast, but taking away from what is so far deserved praise for Jimbo.

I can get on board with the annoyance at Heidi being overlooked though. She deserves a great All Stars run, and this isn't it, and it's not at all her fault.
This episode showed the reason Alexis is That Girl and some of you Just Can't Take wasn't her throwing Darienne under the bus, but rather the way she framed it as a mea culpa:

"Ru, I want to take full responsibility for my group, it was 100% my fault for not telling Darienne her awful bullshit idea was so irredeemably bad. I should never have let her strong-arm me into this awful, unfunny, terrible idea...and I apologize."


Shannel is a great entertainer but she really did nothing in that lip sync. I honestly thought Jimbo might win that one!