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RuPaul's Drag Race: Canada Vs. The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. R92


    Team JuMoGina
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  2. I hope this becomes a new cog in the Drag Race wheelhouse. It already feels refreshing compared to All Stars.

    Just imagining a second series with UK S2 and more Canada girls is a dream.
  3. BTG


    This feels very much like a trial one/a cute extra the BBC commissioned for the relaunch of BBC3 but I could easily see it returning. I just hope it wouldn’t be a yearly thing.

    The different branding also leaves the door open for a proper International series too under the All Stars banner when WOW inevitably beat that dead horse.
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  4. Someone more exciting, Janey is cute but also mumsy vibes.
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  5. I want to like some of these promo looks but they're very... off.

    The fact this was filmed a year ago and is only just now getting off the ground dd.
  6. I shan't live in a reality where Pangina, Mo Heart and Jimbo aren't the final 3. The way i'm not rooting for any of the UK queens. Annihilate us, foreign invaders!

  7. The cast is good, I just wish they’d chosen stronger UK girls. There are definitely some UK queens who could take on the best international contestants but these three... aren’t them.

    Team Jimbo.
  8. It began filming in the second half of March last year, around the time UK Series 2 was finishing airing, so they will have only had S1 queens to pick from. Divina is really the only notable name they failed to get with what they had.

    I'm not sure whether the format of this will be Eurovision style, whereby if the winner comes from 'X' country, the next series will be filmed there? Either way, if this is decently received, I can 100% see them throwing a lot more into S2. If they want to entice the likes of Bimini and Tayce, whose careers are already sky high without the need of further Drag Race support, they're going to have incentivise them into ensuring a real international impact from future seasons.
  9. They actually did consider season 2 girls, one was cast but had to pull out due to personal reasons.

    I imagine it was less to do with not being approached, but the girls being reticent to go back so quick, especially when they would have been literally only just reaping the benefits of their first season.
  10. Guessing it will have had to have been a pre-final three queen then? The final aired on March 17th, and they will have been sending out casting calls by end of Feb/early March at latest to film this - they literally couldn't have approached Bimini, Lawrence, or Tayce because a winner wouldn't have been declared yet by the time of casting.

    On top of that, I'm assuming it would've been a fairly early out person (that initially accepted) who felt like they might not get another slice of the pie? To be fair, Cherry and Asttina would've held up against a few fair in this cast!
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  11. I’m guessing it may have been Asttina as her mum passed away shortly after the show began airing
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  12. I did hear this as well, not sure it's been confirmed anywhere.
  13. I thinkq the good sis Heart's rebrand might be to align herself more with her beauty line (which is MoBeauty)? But all her socials are still.. Monique?

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  14. Monique having a new name only for this show and keeping it Monique everywhere else... makes absolutely no sense.
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  15. I’d have absolutely loved to have Tia in this.
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  16. The way you could draw names at random just from 2021's UK(2), Canada and Spain casts and it'd almost definitely be stronger than this one...
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  17. This is still a very strong cast to me? Seems stronger than most recent All Stars ones just for the fact that I don't see any obvious fillers. Even some of the queens one might argue have underperfomed originally are still captivating and fan favourites.

    Monique should hire someone to look after her socials, her Instagram is terrible marketing/brand wise. I thought she'd have fixed it by now but she still hasn't even posted about the show on her feed.
  18. I haven't watched all the series most of these queens are from... So hopefully they will do a good job at bringing me up to speed on everything I need to know about them. Usually All Stars seasons are awful at recapping pretty much anything about the queens, at least who they are on a personal level.
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  19. Well when we watch it, it will probably make sense why she'd want to distance. This looks AWFUL
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