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RuPaul's Drag Race: Canada Vs. The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. That was about Queens of the Universe. They don't get prize money with this show.

    Monique just said she starts the season as Monique and changes her name during.
  2. I would be so bold as to call Jujubee the most charismatic queen the franchise has ever seen.
  3. At this point just give Juju the crown, She doesn't have any options left after this unless they do yet another spinoff.
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  4. Jujubee for Dragula season 6.
  5. Jujubee deserves a crown but also I want her on any format they milk dry. Can she win this but also compete on every other franchise they develop now and in the future?
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  6. The sheer joy of having Jujubee back might just be enough to compensate for having to sit through another season of Baga
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  7. Wish there was a Baga fancam option but in reverse.
  8. Clearly Jujubee is in this so she can get her overdue crown. If she doesn't win, clearly it's so that they can invite her to future drag race seasons.

    I am hoping for Jujubee, Mo and Pangina top three.
  9. I get the idea of instead giving a shot to a US queen who hasn't competed yet but Juju's meer presence was one of an alarmingly small number of bright spots in All Stars 5 so I'm not mad at all

    We're also about to see Jaida and Shea back after a similarly short time frame so I think its just par for the course at this point

    The promo looks cheap as shit across the board which, alongside, the season length is really adding to the feeling of this being a very dry test-run but the cast is stacked. I could do without Baga and have no point of reference for Janey, having not watched Holland, but the rest all range from... well, Cheryl Hole to some of my favourite queens the show's ever produced so I'm remaining optimistic.
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  10. I like Jujubee but to be honest she was never really a contender for the crown (maybe in AS5) and it would not make a difference if she got cut at top 4 or 5 in her past seasons.

    She is one of the most charismatic queens in the whole franchise, but she ALWAYS lacks the drive and it factor of a winner.
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  11. No.
  12. Yes but Baga.
  13. It was painfully obvious they would bring her back the first chance they got so I somewhat made my peace with it. Hopefully it'll be a Eureka (All-Stars) situation where I don't find her completely unbearable, but in all likelihood it will be a Ginger (second All-Stars) where I still find her completely unbearable.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Baga is the worst Queen of all franchises. She has just never looked good; at least Ginger, Eureka etc try.
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  15. Yeah, not a fan of Baga either but she may surprise us. I’m quite happy for Jujubee to be back as I just love her, she’s so naturally funny and charismatic. I do feel like it’d maybe be nice for a non US queen to win this though. I also think for it to be called UK vs the World there should have been at least 4 UK queens, I mean 3 UK queens vs 2 US and 2 Canadian queen? I just think the whole thing would have been so much better if they’d waited another year and could include season 2 of each country.
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  16. I would say Eureka has actually given us great looks, especially on AS6. She really knows how to create a silhouette. Ginger, I've liked maybe one or two runways total from her 3 runs on Drag Race. Baga is not even worth mentioning.

    It would be strange to call this show UK vs The World and not have a UK queen win, but I'm also fully expecting them to finally crown Jujubee.
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  17. If I remember correctly from reddit, Asttina was originally cast for this one, but sadly her mom passed close to the start of filming, it appears.
  18. I actually think that she could've legit won AS5. I'm not saying Shea shouldn't have won or didn't deserve it, but Juju was consistently great throughout the entire season (and should've won Snatch Game).
  19. It's funny how Jujubee was on S2 of Drag Race and then was on the debut seasons of Drag U, All Stars, Queen of the Universe, and now International All Stars. She's become WOW's go-to queen for new projects.
  20. I just wish Juju would up the game look wise. I’m not a fan of her promo look for this season either.
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