RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

It’s really interesting to see how spread out peoples best performances of the night were. Personally mine was Bosco in her final lipsync.

I do understand the notion that Jasmine was predetermined to leave regardless of the outcome, but I don’t think it’s like she *definitely* won any of them - they were all arguable at least. That said, her performances were all still good so it does feel a touch harsh.

Trouble is they all did well this week, and based on her only lip sync so far, Deja probably would have done too!

there was a moment I thought they were bigging Jorgeous up so much that her going home would be the gag, but no, she killed.
Oh absolutely no shade to Willow, whatsoever - she did great, and for me it was the closest of the lot. I just thought Bosco got the song just a little bit better.
Massive props to Willow as well knowing that choosing Bosco would result in a song she could work with. Queen has broken this competition down to a science.
How I would rank them (bar my lovely Kornbread who should have won the whole thing) from what I've seen of them:

1 Willow & Bosco
2 Angeria
3 Kerri Colby
4 Jasmine Kennedie
5 Jorgeous
6 Alyssa Hunter
7 Lady Camden
8 June Jambalaya
9 Orion Story
10 Maddy Morphosis
11 Daya Betty
12 Deja Skye

Deja always seemed to me, at least, a no brainer first out.
Daya vs Jasmine? Daya won
Bosco vs Willow? Bosco won
Angeria vs Jorgeous vs Camden? Angeria won
That's how it went for me in the first round.

But I am OK with the general outcome.

This season is just SO good. I'd even say it's the best season we've had since season 9. Hell, probably even since season 6.
I was a tiny bit underwhelmed by Angeria’s performances? She kept doing this move where she’d fixate her gaze on a spot and slowly move her arms around by her sides like a slow-mo aeroplane, and I was finding myself struggling to be fully excited/engaged by her. I think Jasmine probably won that second lipsync, but given that Angeria has earned her stripes throughout the season so far, I wasn’t really that mad at the outcome.

I don’t think Bosco did badly in any of her performances, but she just had a bit of a rough hand dealt - Willow pitched that lipsync perfectly. Bosco’s biggest mistake was not picking J Lo or Beyoncé against Willow - she might not have felt too comfortable with those numbers, but there was a strong chance that Willow would’ve struggled even more.

Monét is killing this season of the Pit-Stop, and Silky was a fantastic guest. She’s incredibly quick on her feet, and it’s so good to see her in a place where she’s now clearly exuding joy. She deserves it.
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