RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

Okay this cast is somehow even worse than I expected dddd. I forgot how many queens they usually have for All Stars but is this going to be another short six episode affair like U.K. vs The World?
If only The Vivienne was willing to change her behaviour as quickly as she did her accent.

Other than her and Trinity though, it's a great selection of winners.
I suppose I get the mindset behind the 'meh' reactions (and I'm sure I felt that way when the cast leaked about a year ago dd) but there is so much to be excited for here. I think it's easy to be sullied by the idea that it isn't ALL the winners, or by the fact that we've just had a lacklustre All Stars by way of UK vs. The World, but this has every reason to be incredible.

Just the idea that we're about to get Raja and Jinkx back for another season alone makes me ecstatic. Monet has grown leaps and bounds since All Stars and is so fucking lovable. Jaida and Shea, while having recent runs, are always a delight to watch and Jaida especially has only been on once so will definitely have more to prove. Even the queens I'm less keen on like Yvie and Trinity look like they've stepped it up considerably, both of their mugs are absolutely gorgeous in the promos. The Vivienne is The Vivienne but she seems to have great chemistry with Monet at least, from that Netflix video they did recently.

This also feels like event television and there's a lot for these queens to prove and to lose, so I imagine it will feel very heated and intense. Exciting! Let's be positive.