RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

But when you look at it more closely, the only queens to lose any lipsyncs on this season are Trinity, Shea & Monet, who are probably some of the best lipsyncers of the franchise. So it isn't that unfair, I'd say..

That depends on what songs are chosen though. They could easily toss someone like Jinkx a wacky theatrical song.

I'd rather they do each an individual performance (But like, to a real song, not a poorly written Drag Race writers room one sung by Allie X) and then Ru picks who she wants to win, or at least, be in a final lipsync against each other. I feel like any time they do a lipsync tournament, it always ends up with a final lipsync between someone who is very obviously the winner regardless, and someone who is not.
Raja knows she is there to be Iconic, make sure she is remembered and to teach...

Her old lady grey weaves aren't lost on me.
Madame was, not a clue who that was, but she was hilarious all the same

Viv's Patsy was a bit tragique, there was so much to work with there, that either didn't get shown or she didn't provide. I mean, she could have answered a bee, a crisp or a knitting needle and given us an iconic Patsy moment.
I loved Nan, she had it down pat.