RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

If you laughed at any of the scripted lines in this challenge I feel deeply concerned for you.

Raja continues to a beacon of light and hope. The Vivienne is actually also doing great, totally holding her own, and frequently just…impressive. Whatever grudges we may have as a section of the fanbase, she’s a worthy contestant here.

Anyway, scripted acting challenges should be done away with wholesale, but certainly on this season. Improv or nothing. Come on.
The acting challenges are rarely coherent but what the actual fuck was this skit supposed to be about fhdjsjsh.

The best/funniest thing about the challenge was Janicza being so earnest in her direction. Professional!
Jinkx was giving Gabriel.

Once again, I gasped at Raja as they turned the corner on to the runway this week. A stunning outfit. I also loved what Trinity was wearing.

The challenge was fine, I never like these drawn out acting challenges but because I love the cast so much I didn’t totally hate it.
I'm only 11 minutes in and this is the best Pit Stop episode in forever. I'll take Bob and Peppermint on every episode please. My cheeks are aching from laughing as Ms Mint. Her belly laugh is so infectious.

The fact she almost loses her breath because she's laughing so hard is both endearing and slightly frightening. Bob is always funnier around Peppermint too, because they have such a natural friendship connection.
I'm sure that this acting challenge was partly inspired by the 1974 horror classic Black Christmas, even though it wasn't mentioned, and the film is obviously a million times better. I even think some of the b-roll shots they used were from the film.

Black Christmas is a film everyone should see, and I'm not even a horror film fan.
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