RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

Robin Fierce's Grand Dame was absolutely awful...

The best Housewives Snatch Game is still this
Didn’t realize we’d be getting some more Bosco/Saltine-style drahms. Here for the less assertive team winning, but yikes at the two most argumentative!

Didn’t realize I could like Sasha Colby more.
I can’t stand Bianca. She seemed funny on season 6 but her material is so stale that it’s practically fossilized. Her schtick is so dated in the year 2023. Insult comedy can be funny, but she’s just an asshole nn. I’ve always looked at her sideways after that Blair joke she made years ago.

In terms of queens who are comedians, Bob obliterates her. In terms of queens who are just funny in general, I could put at least 20 people above her.
Bob and Peppermint together is the single funniest thing that has ever come out of Drag Race and I will watch those compilation videos weekly until I die.

I also found Bianca funny on her season but cannot even muster a smirk now. It's so tired and there's no wit behind any of it. There are so many other queens that are naturally funnier without even trying, and others that do actively go for comedy and just blow Bianca out of the water. I've always found Alaska absolutely hysterical. There's something about the delivery and the razor sharp mind that just does it for me.
Bianca is not funny. Insult comedy only really works if it’s punching up, and she…literally never does???

I enjoy Joan Rivers, but her stuff hasn’t held up as well as Kathy Griffin’s for this reason imo.
Bianca deserved her win on Season 6 but I just don't find her endearing at all. The fandom at large still thinks she's the end-all, be-all of Drag Race winners for whatever reason despite still recyling the same tired "I wore the same dress every week and I still won!!!" "Season 7 is still the worst season ever! " jokes over and over...