RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

I think we can write off some of the comments made at Loosey as it being just competitive drag banter. I kind of think Luxx on the main stage was pretty insulting though to Loosey. To say she isn't unique enough. That to me feels very other-ing. I hate drag queens putting other drag queens down because their style might not be what one would see as "The future of drag". Everyone who gets into drag and hits the stage is someone who should have a place. Yes it's an over-saturated market, but I don't think we should pick apart each other's style of drag and determine it's "Validity"
I get that was like the question or whatever, and it's reality tv so like... there's a pressure to be sassy so you "make good TV". But. Eh. Not my favorite aspect of this show or any. But especially to see queer artists tear each other down a bit isn't great.
When Mistress shaded people it always felt light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek - she kind of carried the first half of the season for me cause it was a refreshing kind of old school shady Drag. But now it genuinely comes across like her and Luxx just really dislike Loosey, have found out how to make her cry and want to continue to see her to be in a bad place which is less enjoyable to watch.
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I said it before and I'll say it again, in paper, we're all against bullying and such but they're (Luxx and Mistress) really picking up on Loosey for no reason and it is taking a toll on her mental health. Yes, this is a drag tv show, but is uncomfortable to watch anyone being pushed by mind games and then acting like they're doing nothing at all, saying it is all 'inoffensive fun' when they're called out for it. Let's also remember how both Luxx and Mistress were called out as 'bullies' by Malaysia back in the metal gate, so this is not the first time we have witnessed such foul behaviour from them. It is got to the point that I have started to enjoy less and less their excellent drag due to their practices.

Anyhow, thank heavens for our unproblematic Top 2 - Sasha & Anetra.
I absolutely agree that, for Luxx especially, there seems to be a genuine dislike for Loosey and it's coming across loud and clear, which makes the comments personal and deliberate and really uncomfortable. Even shouting for Salina during the lip sync I feel wasn't to support Salina, it was just to play mind games with Loosey.
I felt for Loosey when she was talking about how she used to be bullied relentlessly over how she spoke, her mannerisms. And how that experience does affect the way she takes some of the mean girl comments from Luxx and Loosey.
Yes, very that! When she broke down talking about how people would bully her at school just for being herself my heart really sank for her. Dealing with Mistress and Lux is probably drudging up a lot of trauma for her which is awful to witness.

I said weeks ago that Luxx and Mistress’ mean girls energy wasn’t sitting right with me. It’s not campy or rooted in light hearted shade - it’s just fucking mean.
The musical was great! Largely due to the fact that they got really good songs this year + a great, talented cast!

This has been a good season even when we're dwindling down to the final four.

I felt a little sorry for Loosey this episode. The other girls are coming across as very mean girls towards her.
I don't want to link it here because I don't want that kind of energy infecting this thread, but on Jan's tiktok she posted a performance clip of her performing to Let Loose. I screamed.
Not MIB’s cunty prodding of Loosey suddenly becoming psychological torture to some of you all. You really hate to see a fat girl thrive, huh?
Is she thriving though? I can't see it. For the first half of the season, definitely, she was charismatic and funny. For the last couple of weeks, her whole personality is "how much can I laugh at making someone else miserable?". We can only form opinions on what we see and a lot of airtime has been dedicated to her and Luxx looking like playground bullies.

We're not seeing Loosey laugh, in fact we're seeing her audibly express how it's affecting her, so do we need to minimise that so someone else can be "cunty"?

Honestly, I thought it might be quite amusing to begin with, before we really saw how it was playing out. If Loosey was up for it and laughing along, that's a totally different situation.
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I’m glad most people feel like the loosey narrative has been taken too far now and just isn’t enjoyable to watch. I hope the production team are supporting the queens behind the scene.

I feel the attitude, especially of Luxx of ‘this is my opinion and I'm going to say it regardless and I’m sorry if it offend you’ is dangerous when it’s directed in a nasty and vicious way.