RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

To me it feels like "fans" are not only projecting their own traumas on a heavily edited bit of television, they're also seizing the chance to tear down (yet again) Mistres and Luxx on their own socials, which are already looking nasty with hateful comments. It's giving "The big fat lady is being mean to Sugar/Spice/Marcia our little tortoises!!!" all over again.
I wonder whyte.
My opinion on performances and outfits have never been so at odds with what the judges think.

Show is moving from a Friday night "Must Watch" to the "I'm folding my clothes on Sunday morning" day time slot.
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I wouldn't even put Luxx and Mistress in the same "villain" category. Luxx is more... delusional and cunty about it, rather than Mistress who is intentionally pushing the girls buttons. Both are fucking hilarious though. I let out a cackle when Luxx dropped "exactorini" in the middle of a serious political conversation.

None of what they're doing holds a candle to Raven vs. Tatianna. If this has the girls shaken & stirred, no wonder why everyone complains about the show being boring nowadays nn.
They need to keep whoever wrote the music for Wigloose. I won't be giving it any streams, but it was pretty good for Drag Race standards. And now that I think about it, they should outsource writers for future acting challenges. I thought Tim & Eric did a fantastic job with Daytona Wind 2.

With an actual serviceable Rusical and acting challenge this time, they've remedied a lot of pains of watching historically painful-to-watch challenges. It's like they've finally applied fan feedback and shelled out the extra coin to invest in serviceable writing.
If Luxx and Mistress were in any other reality TV show, y'all would be eating them up. I see what goes on in the housewives/Bravo threads, but because they are on drag race, somehow they are bullies? We only see Loosey 40 - 60 minutes now a week, and she's consistently irritating, try-hard, and joyless. If you had to live with that for a few weeks, combined with your own internal struggle in a competition, I don't think what Luxx and Mistress are saying is exactly out of pocket. Maybe they push the boundaries of kindness a bit here and there, but nothing is so far out of line they need to be called bullies.

Just because you are a queer person doing drag doesn't mean everything has to be hugs, rainbows, and affirmations. It's like a majority of the fanbase never saw any of the seasons before season 7. This is child's play and a bit of fun at the expense of someone who is clearly a very difficult person to be around in this scenario. You don't deserve adoration just because you chose to do drag, and then bring it to a reality TV competition. Nothing Mistress or Lux have done or said pales in comparison to some of the most "iconic" moments of early drag race conflicts.
What was said about Lucy on the main stage was far worse than anything that was said during the roles being assigned nn they might as well have just called her a bar queen.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been listening to Wigloose’s songs on Spotify and I love it. I wish Loosey was booted. Salina is far more fun!
I love Mistress, Luxx and Loosey this is probably the strongest top 6 we have seen since the glory days.

I didn’t like seeing Loosey cry this week, probably a lot of reasons she cried I imagine the pressure is huge on the gurls, plus Loosey looks like she is very hard on herself internally.

At the time it looked like Mistress and Luxx took it slightly too far and the line between shade and being immature and making Loosey the Other was crossed. I think as humans we dislike the qualities in others we hate in ourselves and this is what is happening here. Both Mistress and Lux are incredibly serious about being in the competition and at times have edited themselves but hey this is reality TV we would all do it, it’s just that Loosey shows her desperation so clearly.
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he / him
Manifesting a Luxx / Sasha final two. Luxx really does stand up there with Sasha. Misstress has tripped on a few of the latest tasks so she'll make a great third place. Loosey should have gone a while back. And I don't mean to be rude but I cant remember who I'm forgetting !?
Luxx is really a brilliant queen and has got gradually better as the season has gone on. To begin with, I didn't rate her higher than Mistress, but I do now. Her talking heads are also regularly brilliant.

My top 4 would be - Mistress, Luxx then Anetra, with a Sasha win.
Some people really can’t see a white lady acting distressed without immediately jumping to her defense and it’s wild.
Lucy lied, Mistress called her out on it and Lucy doubled down instead of admitting to the truth. Notice how Lucy started acting all offended the moment Mistress started reading the characters’ descriptions? Hmmmm wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that reading the blurbs aloud would further expose Lucy’s reasoning for wanting to play heaven as 100% pure unadulterated bullshit, since their personalities were nothing alike.
The way this forum flipped on Mistress and Luxx in a span... of one episode? It's television, edited for our entertainment and both of them are delivering exactly that. They are stars and Mistress remains my winner! Also, her runway this episode was breathtaking, I love her drag.

I also never cared for Orville or looked much into him but he was so hot this episode dd.