RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

'She looks like the heads in Easter island'

I like the idea of a season that crowns the legend and the legend-in-waiting together. I don't think it's insulting, I think it tells a nice story about cross-generational excellence and the way both experience and raw talent are their own kind of magic and both are an important part of drag and artistry in general.
We almost got a tie season 6 between Bianca and Adore. That possibility was filmed (and no tie possibility filmed with Courtney... oop) and when you think about it, it makes way more sense for them to save Adore for All Stars.

Sasha is the clear winner here. Sasha has been a clear future winner even before Ru allowed trans women to compete, people would always say "She'd get on, she would win". It's like fulfilling some sort of queer prophecy.
Anetra, Mistress and Luxx will all be lovely All Stars competitors and will absolutely blow us away by the time they get on.
Luxx's drag persona just doesn't feel fully realized yet in the way Mistress, Sasha and Anetra to a lesser degree have theirs nailed down.
Exactly, I've enjoyed the 'bouncy flirty' persona a lot more than the high-fashion one, and I think she shouldn't be attempting to balance the two.