RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

Sasha has come with such a background, but hasn't rested on it, mentioned it, or relied on reputation once. She's been her utterly captivating talented self, and honestly the crown is only hers to take. She deserves it.

The fight for second place is the excitement for me in the final episodes.
Yeah no sorry, Loosey was correct to say she felt slighted because the riggory and bakwaas of the judging this week was so obvious.

I just caught up on the episode knowing that Loosey was to be eliminated. I thought she did a really good job. The criticism from Michelle about chemistry and then Ross going on about the shoes seemed odd.

Luxx definitely deserved to be in the bottom. I would have also put Mistress there.

Surprised by the Anetra win as I expected that to be a Sasha win. A family resemblance challenge where both queens are wearing the exact same outfit with no point of difference seems lazy.
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It would disturb my spirit to see Sasha Colby place any less than WINNER. For every challenge she "shouldn't" have won there's a challenge she should have won. For every lip sync Kerri Colby should have lost there's a lip sync Sasha decidedly slayed. This lady washed the girls into a wet heap every week like the category was housekeeping. To be able to look into the proverbial camera and say "Sasha Velour isn't even the best Sasha in the winners circle!" with a straight face. The slayage of a Jaida - Symone - Willow - Sasha Colby pipeline. Give it to me now

The only thing that worries me is if she gets the “professional” and “polished” edit in this week’s episode like Brooke Lynn, Cheddar Gorgeous, Chad Michaels (season 4).
The only thing that worries me is if she gets the “professional” and “polished” edit in this week’s episode like Brooke Lynn, Cheddar Gorgeous, Chad Michaels (season 4).

I think this is the likely outcome, I’m sorry to say. The script has probably been recycled, I’m sure. I just can’t see them crowning Sasha considering she’s well known within the world of Drag. I think they’ll go with Anetra. That’s not to say I think it shouldn’t be Sasha because it should be, but Drag Race don’t always crown the ones who have done the best in their season and Sasha is without question the best contestant this season.
I think literally any other year would have been Anetra’s to win but I honestly just don’t see how she gets past Sasha in the final lip sync. We’ve seen what she can do with rehearsal time and literally every girl in LA is probably going to rally around her. Anetra’s got tricks but she’s also had to use a lot of them this season while Sasha’s sole lip sync this season was clearly a 60% effort in case she had to pull more out.

I also think anyone else winning would be a Trixie scenario where it almost ends up being a poisoned chalice. Along with the fact that, as others have pointed out, the other girls have far more value on an All Stars season. It needs to be Sasha.
A lot will depend on fans I think. They’ve given Anetra enough wins to justify her beating Sasha if a lot more support is shown to her. I’m 100% Team Mistress but I think our ship has sailed at this point.

Mistress has really endeared herself to me in ways that I did nooooot expect, but I see them saving her for an amazing All Stars run, maybe even as soon as All Stars 9 (and perhaps being the U.S.'s first plus-size winner?).
I don't know how to link it (cos I saw it embedded elsewhere from TiKTok and I don't have that cos I'm old), but Bob doing a full Salina routine with the giant gloves, with Salina in the audience, and splicing in her rant about Ross as part of the lip sync, is camp drag perfection.

Someone clever/young can hopefully do the necessary to share it.