RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

With special guests…


I actually liked all their verses, it's been awhile since we've had a top 4 write-your-own-verse challenge where I felt like everyone did really good and there wasn't really a stand out "wow this one's the worst part".
In general, really great top 4. Actually genuinely excited for the finale. Although Sasha just has to win.
That’s one of the best finale remixes like…ever. All their verses were hot. Obsessed with Sasha serving Power Rangers villain and Barb Wire in the music video.

The runways were stunning (especially Mistress and Sasha!) but I expected more from Luxx. Especially after seeing the super cut of her previous runway looks, this last one felt a bit meh. She definitely had the least umm luxe garment.
Luxx won the verse head and shoulders, but Sasha's Gaga was an utter gag and a half. I have found Mistress to be more undercover mean-spirited than Loosey an undercover C U Next Tuesday and that hay barrell runway was a dud. I wasn't keen on Anetra's verse, but it was still 3rd of the lot and wasn't just generic lines that could have already came from former contestants. Loved When Love Takes Over being featured on the US series, but it was a so so lip sync that had 3 attempts at Detoxing. From here on out, Sasha and Anetra are my top 2, but Luxx has had a mighty run too. Oh and I've always found Ru's Blame It On The Edit to be completely tone deaf as far as the mental health of anyone who has felt frustrated at how things turned out for them - the increasingly parody-like edit is what drives me mad about this show as drag queens are the last people who need manipulated to get drama out of.
Luxx won the episode for me but Sasha looked unreal.

Mistress’s verse was very drag race & Anetra’s wasn’t my favourite but they all did well.

Usually wouldn’t be too excited for the reunion but revisiting Loosey’s meltdowns, seeing the twins & seeing some of the early outs will be fun.
I'm usually quite cynical of the 'rake up your trauma' child photo segment of finales but it really hit this episode. I'm in my late 30s and it struck me that it's been fourteen fucking years of this show and 15 seasons. How is it that these new generations are still going through it. How can it be that nothing has really improved all that much. It hurts me to have to watch four adorable, talented and accomplished queer siblings, three of them at least a decade younger, still have to fight so ferociously against the tide. It's just so god damn unfair. The fact that Luxx was the only one not estranged from her family...It's exhausting.

So you know what, expand this show to every fucking country in the world if you have to. There can never be enough. Not when we get these four superstars. Not when all the astounding things they have accomplished has been in spite of a world that actively wants us silent/and or dead.

Sasha's child pic broke me. It was just adorable. Work those pigtails queen. She is my winner.
Luxx kinda wound me up in the reaction to Lucy's elimination.

I think it showed how young she is, as she is still in the can dish it out but can't take anything back stage.