RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

Heidi safe? Kandy high? Their early (bad) judging decisions really mucked this one up. Kahanna would have been more deserving to win this week than episode 1 (she forgot the words to her own verse!).

Heartbreaking but predictable elimination. And a typically classy exit.
I enjoyed all of Jessica's looks. The first one had the right combination of couture and camp, and the last look didn't just look like a bodysuit with stuff stuck on like Jimbo's. I really loved the fruity look's homage to her ICONIC performance in Season 2. I only know what Berry Acai is because of Jessica's 'I luv that drink!'

But Heidi should've been in the Top over Kandy specifically...and I thought Alexis should've been Top as well.
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Heidi has every right to be pissed off, what the hell are they doing?!

They literally openly admitted that Jimbo & Jessica just glued a bunch of shit to a corset but were in the top for "making it their own". Also throwing a pity "top" placement to Lala just because she did something better than gift bags is a joke.

The literal nerve.
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Everybody is already saying everything I thought tbf. Dreadful, dreadful judging. Don’t think I agreed with a single thing other than Kasha being in the bottom.

Honestly, Kahanna should have probably won this and is proving me wrong at this point. Heidi should have been the other obvious top. Actually every single person in the Untucked safe zone did better than Lala, Kandy AND Jessica? It was sort of wild, the only purpose it served was giving good Tv with everybody pressed.

I don’t even think Darienne deserved bottom. She definitely wasn’t great but really I think it should have been Kasha and Lala (whom I LOVE but did nooooot look as great as they tried to make out)

Weird week. Jessica has done so many other things more worthy of thirty grand