RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

This was the first episode this season it has truly felt fun and engaging. That Snatch Game was very good. Even the worst queens would have been safe in most seasons. I thought it was Alexis' moment to win as she did fantastic (finally someone who did Bea Arthur well), but I can't deny that Jimbo smashed it. I also think this was Jaymes' redemption moment, she came back to prove she is a great comedic queen and she did very well.
What a GREAT episode. More like this please. Jimbo’s win was truly deserved, I was screaming at her Shirley Temple, but I do feel like Jaymes was a wonderful runner up. I’d of personally put Kandy in the bottom, she has zero range.

Jasmine Kennedy ATE, I just was wanting Jimbo to move so we could just watch her.

Sad about Heidi, but she clearly wasn’t enjoying herself. I imagine this, plus her recent tweets, will find her blacklisted by WOW for a while.
Putting Jimbo against Jasmine Kennedie was mean spirited. The way she tripped as soon as the song started…

I thought Heidi leaving would be way more dramatic than it was. I like that the alliances have finally given us some messy drama, but it felt like a cop out just to leave when she got called out. If she felt it was the right call, then good for her. I still stan.