RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

While I think Matt and Bowen's assessment of Jimbo is a tad hyperbolic, Jimbo is very intelligent and generally to be relied on to bring a real star quality to the majority of challenges. I still can't get over whatever it is stopping me from stanning, and I HATE adults pretending to be children, so I hoped beyond hope this wouldn't be another Jimbo win. It's boring as a viewer but especially when she is BIZARRELY bad at lipsyncing? I don't even think she's throwing it, she's just crap? I know it's not her bag and she's evidently brilliant at other things, but the producers could give us a show, dammit.

I wanted Jaymes or Alexis to win even if Jimbo gave more energy. She knew just what to do to make Ru laugh (even if I hated it).
I wonder when or if we will get the reading challenge. I thought if not episode 1 it would have been with Snatch Game.
This was the first good episode of the season. I would’ve liked to see Jaymes win once and this was her only chance but fucking hell Jimbo is completely in a league of her own and one of the best queens to ever come out of Drag Race as a whole.

Other random thoughts:
- I 100% believe Kandi said it dd
- It was pure joy to see Jasmine back, I have such a soft spot for her!
- The way we are never getting rid of Kahanna… I have to laugh
I actually would have stood up for Jimbo at the reveal if I were on that panel. And I can only echo the sentiments about the Snatch - I was worried I was going to cramp from the excruciating insanity, and I absolutely loved Jimbo being visibly moved by the guest critiques (Michelle trying and failing for a laugh just the icing on the cake). The canned critique scripts really need to go (the hilarious Ross Matthews with an "egg-celent" pun? Take several weeks off please).
It would've been more satisfying to NOT have Jimbo win last week (when they really didn't deserve it), and have Hallucinate as the lip sync. Then they could've given Jimbo the win this week and had the Joan Jett lip sync this week instead.
Jimbo demolished everything in her way this episode except for the lipsync ddd. I hate adults playing children as well, but she made it so deranged that it felt like she wasn't even playing a human being. The tap dancing was just... unhinged. And that genuinely uncanny and stupid runway? Easily straight up to my personal top 5 ever on the show.
There is some truly awkward energy in this cast. Jaymes seems to be at arm’s length from everyone, as well as Alexis to a lesser and obviously iconic extent.