RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

For Christ sake, just crown Jimbo now. In Snatch Game, it was an absolute masterclass - one liners, interactions with the other characters, facial expressions and the dancing, my God, the dancing was just hilarious. And that runway? Superlative. Deserved win, hands down.

A number of the other Queens did well, although not perfect. I felt Alexis looked her part as Bea Arthur but some of it fell flat. Heidi and Jaymes did, at times, feel like they were playing themselves but I found theirs the most enjoyable after Jimbo. Lala was fun too.

The producers are really trying to make Kandy happen, aren’t they? Her Snatch Game was amongst the worst there and I didn’t care for her runway either.

As for Heidigate, I believe what she was saying about Kandy. I just believe that Kandy would turn on Jimbo if it meant she would win the crown. I also feel we are missing part of the story as to why she left. Judging by Twitter, Heidi seems to be over the whole situation, which is odd if it really was her decision to leave to get back her joy and peace and not wanting her sisters to think badly of her.

Jimbo surely has this in the bag now. The producers will obviously gaslight us all into thinking that Kandy is competition for Jimbo, but with Heidi gone, the only other competition I see is from Jessica and Alexis and I just don’t see either of them winning.
I'm surprised so many people on other sites loved Alexis' performance. She... literally just quoted Golden Girls. It was giving Alyssa as Joan Crawford on AS2.

On another note, we need to go back to queens lipsyncing for their lives on All Stars. At this point, that alone would be a twist.
Kandy is... everything I wouldn't want in a drag queen. Every second she's on the screen it's an endurance test for me.

Kahanna was for sure the one the girls would have booted wasn't she. She played her only card with the Vegas showgirl gig at the beginning of the season and then flopped at everything else.
On another note, we need to go back to queens lipsyncing for their lives on All Stars. At this point, that alone would be a twist.

Totally agree. Monica v Darienne, Naysha v Kahanna, MKD v Darienne, Darienne v Jaymes v Alexis, Jessica v Kahanna - those are GREAT lip sync possibilities.

The Fame Games are rough but I'm giving the girls the benefit of the doubt. I believe they had to shoot all their runways in one day after their elimination. For the early outs it's impossible to do a fully cohesive look presented as they would have done in the competition. They are basically having to throw on the outfit, wig, do the runway then rush to do it another 8-10 times. There's not the time to do full make-up changes etc...

Shame we missed Darienne as Elizabeth Taylor. That would have been fun. Although maybe if MKD was seriously thinking about doing 'the Sun' we dodged a bullet. I love her but no (her Ethel Merman I could have seen working in this format though).
Jimbo's runway was giving

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Not sure if this constitutes a spoiler so will pop it in brackets. It’s about the Rusical (it’s not about the outcome of the episode so it’s not a spoiler in that sense).

The Rusical soundtrack is already available to buy on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.