RuPaul's Drag Race (Original Franchise)

I’m absolutely obsessed with Alexis. Making Monica’s upset about being in the bottom about herself in week 1, interrupting Jaymes about his kinks to let everyone know she has also been in a sling, the random comment about making a good roast chicken, crying this last week at Heidi leaving after going back on standing up for her. Staying in character for Bea Arthur (despite how hilariously distracting Jimbo was being) and nailing the voice, character, mannerisms, etc.

If she doesn’t make it to the final, it will be criminal.
While I think Matt and Bowen's assessment of Jimbo is a tad hyperbolic, Jimbo is very intelligent and generally to be relied on to bring a real star quality to the majority of challenges. I still can't get over whatever it is stopping me from stanning, and I HATE adults pretending to be children, so I hoped beyond hope this wouldn't be another Jimbo win. It's boring as a viewer but especially when she is BIZARRELY bad at lipsyncing? I don't even think she's throwing it, she's just crap? I know it's not her bag and she's evidently brilliant at other things, but the producers could give us a show, dammit.

I wanted Jaymes or Alexis to win even if Jimbo gave more energy. She knew just what to do to make Ru laugh (even if I hated it).
There is a part of me that will always keep Jimbo at an arm's length and I think it's - in trying to find the way to describe it - that Ru's overt love and affection for her just makes me a bit uncomfortable in that I know it's likely rooted in Ru viewing or projecting onto her this idea that she's a fellow kindred spirit in some ~anti-PC~ mentality ddd.

And there is some part of Jimbo's personality where such is true (at least more-so than Ru sort of misreading and exclaiming Willow's talent show as transgressive in a way I don't even think Willow herself was trying to make it be).

It's why I knew Jimbo wouldn't handle something like the criticisms over her usage of the breast plates well (and essentially doubled-down in her views in a way Koco didn't).

She's a talented drag queen (I kinda like her old painting style better tho) but to be as bad of a lip syncer as she's shown is kind of embarrassing. Even Bob could easily win a lip sync if it was required. It's essential to winning and there's really not a winner who is explicitly bad at lip syncing so whatever strategy she has to get to the crown is... idk!
I must’ve missed something, but in this format of All Stars being able to lip sync is kind of irrelevant? In the finale they don’t lip sync for the crown, but have to lip sync one final time and that’s it? I don’t interpret what Ru says in the finale as the final lip sync is the deciding factor to winning the crown.
Watching Jimbo's snatch game back for yet another time, trying to decide my favourite moments. I think it has to be when Shirley gets picked by the snatchelor and talks to her dolly.

"Ow my gwod we won, we fwound a hwome!"

Total genius the whole thing. It wasn't enough though. You could tell she was just getting started. I want to watch a whole Jimbo comedy series. Make it happen WOW.
Alexis reusing her look she's had for ages, queen. Lala's look...... That was not a reveal and the final outfit was awful jasbfjasfas.

Heidi's exit was so limp, I think she saw the writing on the wall and she was probably in the bottom this episode and was about to get Alexis Mateo'd. Shame cause if she had just stuck to her guns, we probably would've actually had Kahanna eliminated.
Say what you want about Jimbo (im actually another one of those people who have always found her slightly unlikable and her drag a tad uncomfortable) and how jimbo approaches drag, but her rise over three seasons of drag race is pretty impressive, is a fantastic storyline and is leagues above what the other girls this season are bringing to the table. Shes wanted this for a long time, she studied and put in the time, and she will probably get it. Snatch game is Jimbos biggest strength, and arguably alone jimbo revived that dying challenge format.

I find the fans diminishing her clear frontrunner status due to sloppy editing and favoritism to be kind of a joke, she came to play the GAME. I feel the same way for any of the other “clear frontrunner” seasons, those girls were clear frontrunners because they were prepared to win and pulled out the stops….sorry to the other girls who did not bring it!!!
Monica's Fame Game commentary was camp. "I'm wearing a cape. I take the cape off, it's a leotard. I reveal another piece." Like, go girl give us nothing!

She absolutely WhatsApp voice noted these commentaries in to production once she got home and could barely remember what the outfit was. I love her.

(I also really liked her outfit(s) this week)

Even with the time constraints making showcasing the looks a little tricky, one thing the Fame Games might do is put paid to the notion that just because an eliminated Queen's would-have-been-looks appear phenomenal in a heavily edit Instagram photoshoot with design and filters and backgrounds, doesn't mean they would actually have been a huge serve on the runway.