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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11 / All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This makes Last Friday Night look like The Godfather trilogy. Christ almighty.
  2. Sam


    Are you joking? She's fucking brilliant.
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  3. Couldn’t she just remove it temporarily? Robert Downey Jr eyeroll.gif
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  5. Sooo excited for the finale.

    So sad that I Call Shade isn't as fierce as Cocky, A Prueba de Todo and Pose. But then again, I expected Trinity to put out a mediocre moment. It's better than all of Manila's music atleast. Ha!
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  6. A true hate crime. You've been warned.

  7. Sam


    I think Monet X Change might be my least favourite drag queen ever
  8. I want to say it's the proportions, but I don't even know what I'm talking about.

    I still think her response to Manila having her lipstick was a bit of a petty reach.
  9. Not when we have...

  10. THIS.



  11. Me seeing everyone coming for Monet while I'm actually stanning her in secret even though she looks busted.


    I sat through that whole awful monologue at the beginning but as soon as they showed Thorgy I couldn't continue.
  12. I can't tell if they're setting Monet and Monique up for a double win... Or what. There is no way this episode is going to satisfy everyone. Luckily we'll swiftly move on into Season 11 and forget all about this.
  13. Just as long as Monet doesn’t win.
  14. Sam


    Honestly, i forgot all about her. Out of sight out of mind. I can’t wait for this season to be over, I am fatigué
  15. LP


    Count me gagged at the UK judging panel. I adore Alan Carr.
  16. I actually love this.
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  17. Saw the Haters roast tonight it edmonton. Unfortunately Manila was the weakest and really stumbled over her jokes. Most of the laughs she got was from her mocking herself.

    Jinkx was high/drunk af and was constantly laughing between her jokes which was grating, but overall she did good.

    Darienne lake was a great host and absolutely hilarious in her roasts.

    Latrice did really well and kept everyone laughing.

    Lady Bunny was fucking hilarious but soooooo inappropriate at times even thought it was funny in a cringe way. Mocking the death of Sahara infront of Manila had my head in my hands in awkwardness but other than that Bunny was amazing. Not PC in the slightest but you have to suspend your morals I guess when she's around.

    Thorgy was utterly hilarious as well. I heard previously that she is amazing at roasts and she is. She was SPECTACULAR. Bring her back for another all-stars PLEASE. As long as she gets rid of those awful rot-locks.

    Anyways it was a super fun valentines night for the boyfriend and I even though he was apalled at some of the humor.
  18. Me too!
  19. But she had time to go to one to film the video?!!?!?!

    Sorry, I just remembered this ddd
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  20. Monet says GIRL every other word and it’s really grating
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