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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11 / All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I wish they’d only cast 10 queens on regular seasons too, give them room the breathe. The premiere was so cluttered.
  2. In Kandy Ho’s voice: WHAT THE FUCK?!
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  3. I cannot stop watching this. Whew

  4. Huh? I thought all that Vicky said is that Silky is a mess

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  5. I saw some screenshots of an exchange between Vicky and someone with their name blurred out who accused Silky of assaulting her, it could have all been a hoax. I'm not sure what's going on.
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  6. When RuPaul and WoW are constantly about two seconds away from licensing official Drag Race pop sockets, Silly Bandz, fidget spinners and douche bags? I don’t think so!
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  7. uhmmmmm
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  8. We're gonna Soju cyst themed merchandise like those virus stuffed animals, aren't we? On a similar note, if Yvie doesn't have a Sevdaliza sound alike project come out, I will be disappointed.
    I want to say some of the picks for the photoshoot challenge were a meta message about working with bad partners but the show isn't that aware.
    I haven't seen seasons 4 through AS2 yet, but if there's one thing I know, it's that the Montreses are supposed to be lip sync assassins? So I guess that made sense.
  9. What I didn't like about the episode was that it did not feel like a Drag Race episode at all for long stretches of its runtime. That whole segment with Miley Cyrus was nothing but an attention-grabbing waste of every Drag-Race fans time. Imagine the ten minutes we could have had with the queens instead. The Silky shenanigans or rather the focus and emphasis WOW put on them also felt more like it belonged to a mediocre episode of a Flavor of Love-franchise knock-off.
    VH1 truly turned the show into a reality-tv hodepodge of clichees it once used to mock and subvert.

    From this point forward I am going to be cautious.

    I do have to say though that Honey I really like, as I've agreed with all of her talking heads and Akeria oozes fierce Top 4 material. Yvie is amazing too and I really enjoy Brooke, as polish is something I am not opposed to seeing in my queen. I also like Scarlet, shocking as it may sound and her mini-challenge picture was by far my favorite as she did indeed outshine Raja in it.
  10. Brooke gives me mild Kameron MuScLe kWEeN teas on Instagram dd
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  11. I was honestly so confused when judges kept going on about Brooke’s ‘personality’.

    A true bitch-whare.gif kind of moment.
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  12. One billion percent. Everything about her screams Kameron to me. Maybe it's the Post-Kameron Stress Disorder speaking, but I can't stand her.
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  13. The way Silky's goodwill was annihilated after the first episode has to be some sort of record.
  14. K94


    - I love Silky still - if you don't want to be overshadowed, create your moments. Silky doesn't want to disappear into the ether after the show, so she's making herself known. I thought she was hilarious especially when she was trying too hard. After that episode, I really don't like Ariel - I can tell she'll be some degree of problematic Caugaysian.

    - The excuses during the elimination were disappointing and none of them really had any correlation with why they underperformed.

    - My faves are of course Vanjie, Silky, Yvie, and Plastique so far.

    - Zaddies are Kahanna, Vanjie, and Yvie and that's about it oop.
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  15. Not all 14 Queens are present on each date, it’s a rotating panel of 7-8.

    It’s coming to my town in 2 weeks and with Trinity and Monet both out, our panel is down to Jinkx, Alyssa, Thorgy, Latrice and Darienne Lake. So glad I passed on those $15 Groupon tickets now.
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  16. I can. People shout-singing off-key during in the background of performance videos is the worst thing in the world ddd

    That death drop was a bit iconic though.
  17. K94


    Ok what's that remix though?
  18. I want to like Silky but she made Jaidynn Diore Fierce feel natural and organic. I’m hoping that Silky (and the editing team) find a good balance for her. But if the allegations are true then electric chair.

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  19. Whoop: There It Is
    Silky found unstanned. Where is the outrage about this? Where is The Vixen?
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