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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11 / All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Also we were using "cyst" on the forum literally for over a year before Soju awkwardly mumbled it on stage, so we don't really have her to thank for that.

    She....kind of ruined it being funny, actually.
  2. I think this is the absolute worst part of the show these days. Obviously, you want to capitalize on your new found fame but these queens going into the show with a focus-grouped branding strategy is nauseating.

    The fanbase is noticeably getting fatigued with the show. It feels like they're trying to make as much money as they possibly can before things fully go off the rails. It already seems like the drag bubble is starting to burst. This isn't even taking into account what the show has done to drag culture in general. Jasmine Masters is transphobic but she made several points.
  3. I'll be honest, I have no idea why Dusty says Never Loved Ya and does that little fingers crossed symbol. Even if she talked about it, I just did not care and did not retain that knowledge. And I never care to find out either.

    I feel like both have pros and cons.

    All Stars 5: Everyone is fucking perfect and EXPENSIVE. That is both a pro because it's a glow up and a Con because it makes things kind of boring... if I know everything is going to look perfection, it's not exciting to see it anymore. Also, it's annoying watch them try to appease the fans - it effects their voting, and it also effects their demeaner and a lot of fan faves become insufferable because their fans have convinced them that they're amazing and perfect in every way and then Michelle shuts that down and they're left crying on the couch thinking they deserve something. And let's make it clear, Shea Coulee is the only one who deserves something.

    Also, the story producers completely forget to give any of the queens backstory. They figured that we already learned about their traumatic backstories in their original season and don't need to bring it up again but BITCH, I FORGOT. I need a compelling reason as to why I want these queens to get a bunch of money besides just their drag because in All Stars, they all kind of deserve some praise. But I struggle to remember who they really are as people, because all of their sappy moments from their original seasons are replaced by dramatic "Who should I vote for" discussions. Like, Make me CARE about the contestants, please, WoW.

    Normal Seasons: It's just... so formulaic. The casting is bad and everyone fits some sort of archtype or "edit". The challenges don't inspire the queens to really get creative half of the time either. Like the stuff they do at their home bars and infinitely more entertaining than watching them do some sad little acting challenge for the first time. And the show just caters to the out of drag attractive guys that they've cast. And then they're all trying SO hard to be rememebered (and cast on All Stars) that they come across as ingenuine and just catchphrase dolls.

    The best thing about Drag Race is that we're introduced to queens we might not have known about if it wasn't for the show. The worst thing about Drag Race is that it picks who is cast poorly, and then poorly puts those artists on display doing ridiculous things and looking ridiculous half the time.
  4. Never lavd ya is iconic in how terrible and awful it is, as is Dusty haself.

    Ariel Versace is, however, just......terrible and awful.
  5. Girls it's all about the right cast... if it's a good one, the series is good. Season 11 wasn't good so the series suffered.
  6. So many bad takes lately sis!!! S11 was a lowkey iconic mess. Scarlett's delusions, Ra'Jah's vitriol and...attempts at throwing shade, Yvie's opinions about everything and everyone, Vanjie's voice, Silky's entire being. Not to mention all the massive flops: Soju, Kahanna, Ariel, Mercedes, Honey (don't make me link her song!).

    It really only went off the rails once all the boogers got booted. They shoulda kept Scarlet and Ra'Jah around longer for the kiis.
  7. Between Ariel and Soju I don't think I can choose who truly is the ultimate booger.
  8. Ariel.

  9. And when those left the show fizzled out instead of being peak interesting = bad casting.
    Which is what the season suffers from.
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  10. I agree, S11 was really enjoyable. People like Ra'jah were open to be villains without being obsessed with the edit, Soju and Mercedes were two adorable flops, it had Vanjie for the whole run, and the progression was very natural and logical.
  11. Ariel said Nyass long before Drag Race. Despite it being annoying, she came up with it because she's naturally annoying, not because she wanted a Drag Race catchphrase. That's the main difference between her and Dusty's catchphrase.
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  13. Nothing is as irredeemably shit as "Ankh"

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  14. Oh god, I forgot she exists.

    Let's have a season of most forgetable Drag Race queens. Starring Alisa Summers, Penny Tration, Kandy Ho, Kahanna Montrese, Yuhua, Dusty, Kalorie Karbdashian, and the everyone on Season 1 whose name isn't Ongina and Bebe. And special guest judge out-of-drag Magnolia Crawford!
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  15. Shannel is an icon and deserves better. (Nina Flowers, too.)

  16. I mean, for better or worse I wouldn’t call Yuhua forgettable.
  17. Wait so Dusty came up with "Nevah laved ya" himself? I thought it was some sort of
    What is the story here? I never got the context.
  18. It’s as basic as he had a fellow drag queen friend that he found out was taking shit about him and thought to himself “well I never loved you anyway.”

    That’s literally it.
  19. Christ. The barrel scraping
  20. The level of disrespect to Tammie Brown.
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