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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. My fuckbuddy introduced me to Carson and he was really lovely kii
  2. BTG


    I think Mike Ruiz is my favourite in the pantheon of forgotten early season judges.

    Well, Merle too but I also love/hate how hilariously not made for TV she was.
  3. Alexis was ready. She was not having it.
  4. We’re gay, Ru.
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  5. If we're talking about iconic/flop judges, I had to rewatch Khloe's first appearance on season 6 going on and on about her big fat puss a few days ago.
  6. it's gettin biggah
    the puss is gettin biggah
  7. I can be the camel baby you can be the toe
  8. This is frankly iconic ddd

    AKA Mariah Paris Balenciaga and various other queens being flabbergasted for 15 minutes.
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  10. Hydrogen is at the top of the...

    Kimora: Food Chain
    Gia: Solar System

    ... I cannot.
  11. BTG


    Mariah, Jasmine and Gia are the only queens who don’t look absolutely busted in that video.
  12. I can't at Valentina calling Lady Bunny an "inbred pig in a wig"
  13. Uno


    This was more frustrating than entertaining. It's obvious she's putting on an act most of the time ("what's a chocolate chip!?" "I don't know what a muscle is!?") but it's just alarming why someone would want that to be the public perception of them.
  14. Kimora like Kalorie will never pique my interest if she’s doing a larger than life artform and takes inspiration from something as bland as the Kardashians.
  15. Kimora was a disappointment, before the show she said something as ''I am going to go all BGC if I get casted''

    and then we got

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  16. If it was anyone else, I'd believe they were putting it on. Kimora...I don't know if she has the range or depth to even try and fake it honestly nn
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  17. Kimora’s monkey animation remains one of the most bizarre moments of the show’s history.
  18. Her facial expression for the monkey was HORRIFIC. Paired with a raspy male voice sounding like it was trying to be soothing for maximum creepy effect.
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