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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Silky’s imperfect nude illusion. I–
  2. Needed a name tag for some of those queens. Raja looked phenomenal.
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  3. Coco Icontrese casually slaying.
  4. Sonique looked snatched.
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  5. Seems like they edited the crowd reactions to make it look a little more fair, but it's great to see the enthusiasm for Yvie.
  6. Silky actively choosing to go to All-Stars with that choice of lip sync opponent dddd
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  7. Silky really...didn’t redeem herself.
  8. Well that was completely underwhelming.
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  9. That was close?! Silky literally looked like she was floundering like a trout. A real kii when Silky's biggest reveal got 0.1 sec of airtime before the camera cut back to Brooke's handstand.
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  10. RuPaul saying it was close ha. Though Brooke wasn't partocularly exciting with shtick too.
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  11. Those like.... gliding-into splits Brooke does are lowkey awful ddd. It takes away the excitement from the erraticness and harshness of a split.
  12. I hated everything about Yvie's lip sync.

    Edit: What.
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  13. A'Keria's wig nearly falling off after rolling around on the floor dddd what did I walk into.
  14. This has been a two hour commercial.

    “Make breakfast sickn’ing with McDonalds!”
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  15. Yvie's lipsync was super, super underwhelming. She might be able to convey more emotion than Brooke Lynn in the final lipsync song, though. We shall see. I'm all about track records, so I'm team Brooke Lynn all the way.
  16. DDD The Monet Crest whitestrip placement. What.
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  17. I thought akeria did better in that but... whatever bring her back in an all stars
  18. Nina West's "meh" made me stan.
  19. Why is Monet’s drag so chronically shit?
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