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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 / All Stars 6

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. No. The straight people that love the show/instagram look queens.
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  2. The future of drag is sterile?
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  3. I mean, Ellie Diamond didn't either...
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  4. Rosé hasn't actually been funny, she's just pulled faces and done silly voices. There is no nuance to her performances whatsoever. The only time it landed for me was Snatch Game, and even then Symone, Denali and Mik were still funnier.
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  5. Rosé's edit has been so ham fisted. From cold and moody to a random episode in the middle where she all of a sudden became light hearted and fun. They take every opportunity to show her as being easy going, from the way she reacts to runway critiques and everything. I'm a little scared they will crown her, but Symone's personal content and tears in the recent episode was a good sign for her. (Also in the lipsync against Utica, Symone got frilly sound effects while doing a spin, which I know doesn't make a winners edit but...)
  6. rdp


    She and Denali greatly benefited from receiving the "robbed fan favorite" edit - see: Crystal last season - with the difference that Denali actually brought us great lipsyncs while Rosé's If U Seek Amy lipsync remains one of the most... questionable... attempts at humor this season alongside Bossy Rossy.
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  7. Sam


    I’m watching Season 6 and Untucked and ugh. This show used to be so good
  8. The Rosenali thing is driving a lot of the internet fervor. People forget how strong the Trixya Delano portion of the fanbase is and now that Denali is gone, all of the "precious uwu queen wuz robbed (thank god she's not black!)" energy is going to Rose. Just to give you an idea of the level of delusion, Rose's pockets outfit was more well-liked than Symone's on the weekly Reddit poll.

    The bottom line is that Rose could have committed to any number of narratives - lean harder into the Scottish thing, make more fun of NYC theater gays. Instead, she's doing a less Tracy Flick version of Jan and the show is rewarding all of the "Jan is the best and Widow is evil" fans who came back for a second round of whining. Even Chad, who before this was the show's best example of slightly milquetoast professionalism, broke out of her shell enough (Ladypimp Michaels) and also had the narrative of breaking out of the Cher box and celebrating drag "elders".
  9. UK Season 2 finished three weeks ago and Manila and Latrice are still continuing to shove The Chop down out throats, with yet another recap? When, from everything I’ve read here or online or heard via Race Chaser, they had nothing but shit to talk about it?

  10. What even is the audience for a Manila and Latrice podcast?... WeHo gays who think Bossy Rossy is peak comedy?
  11. Just say Trixie Mattel.
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  13. ^I’m not sure people who like the Insta look queens would gravitate towards Latrice but maybe you’re right!
  14. Middle aged white women who live in small, forgotten cities and have gay friends or children.
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  15. This season doesn't really have a satisfying winner so I'm here for Rose becoming the worst winner in the show's history as a kii. Symone deserves it, but she also deserves a better season.
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  16. Pretty sure the audience for a Manila and Latrice podcast is Manila and Latrice, and Manila and Latrice alone.
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  17. I really wanted to like Rose more as I love her mother but the most I like her is out of drag when she's talking shit in the confessionals teebs. Although I do know her entire rusical verse as I thought she sounded great. Not a good winner at all though. Symone is the one with Gotmikk being acceptable.
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  18. It's amazing that for how close Manila and Latrice clearly are (see: AS4 and multiple projects they've done over the past decade), they exude -100 charisma together outside of the show. Listening to them is like seeing two people meet for the first time.
  19. Kandy's still there.
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  20. I wasn't being serious. The future of drag is people who see it as a fantastic career opportunity after doing the drag module at stage school. Hence Rose being the future of drag.

    (I've depressed myself, but I don't think we can keep expecting drag queens to have come up through the bar/pageant scene, etc. A not-too-distant-future of Drag Race will have an entire cast that 'grew up with Drag Race' and have an Instagram account and TikTok following, and that's about it.)

    Symone to win though. Gottmik if they insist.
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