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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 / All Stars 6

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Will Ru make an effort this time is what I wanna know
  2. Judging by the fact she's not even in the preview... I'm saying chances are low.
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  3. Why have a dog and bark yourself I guess
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  4. Gagatondra?
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  5. Tina doesn't think this thread should exist.
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  6. Well... Tamisha is the only one that looked good in the promo.
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  7. People were saying that reunion look was Tina's best look.
    Umm... but the bar was so low?
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  8. She also wasn't in the hot dog colors, so that helped tremendously. Mug is hideous--at least we know she did it herself.

    Tamisha and Kahmora look stunning as expected.
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  9. What's funny about this is that this could be Jinkx on a day-to-day basis.
  10. Why is this STILL on zoom? If Andy Cohen can safely host a string of in person reunions, why can’t Rupaul?!?
  11. Feels lazy. Although there could be different travel restrictions if queens are travelling from different states? With Real Housewives it must be easier as they are all in the same state.
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  12. I’m here for a Mik vs Rosé final lipsync.
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  13. They'd still drag you, Tina.
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  14. Villaintina by name, Villaintina by nature.
  15. I’m surprised they’re doing a Zoom reunion but an in-person finale. Aren’t they filmed around the same time anyway?
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  16. I'm thankful of being given the option to skip another episode before the final
  17. It's having 4 people on set instead of 13.

    You can space out 4 people much easier than it being 13 people.
  18. rdp


    I'm sorry my dears but...neither of you survived that lipsync.
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  19. No eliminated queens for the finale?
  20. Relatable.
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