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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 / All Stars 6

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

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    This is lifting me
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  2. Two of the worst lipsyncers of the season?? That's a choice.
  3. I wasn't impressed with Mik in her first lip sync but I really enjoyed her in the top 4 lip sync, and her performance in Lucky was brilliant.
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  4. Mik ATE the Lucky performance. Best verse and overall star quality. This episode felt like a real turning point and they feel poised to win. The chat with Ru, the confessional edits and the performance all felt like a victory lap.
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  5. I mean, the last few episodes have been pretty hit or miss attempts at making the race look close and all the queens in the final 4 have stand out moments. Except Kandy's manufactured stand out moment in the roast was not as well received by the viewers (no surprise) and then was immediately followed up by a bottom 2 placement.
    Rosé's stand out moment in the acting challenge was, again, not THAT impressive or mindblowing as a viewer despite how hard the show has made us try to feel like she's so amazing (ie; Michelle saying she is "like Bianca" after the roast)

    But Mik came across great in this final episode, and while she doesn't have a LOT of technical wins under her belt. This episode definitely solidified her as a front runner, and she won Snatch Game which always feels like a bigger deal than just winning a lowly forgettable challenge, AND she won the ball - which again, feels like a bigger deal than winning a random challenge. Those 2 challenges (+ the Roast, which in my opinion she should've won) are really solid challenges to win, and she has a storyline, solid runways, and some purpose to win.
    Symone had a win in Flag Fac'try, then didn't have a win for six whole episodes until the makeover and the branding challenge which were both joint wins. But her runways have been strong, her story has been strong, her personality is strong, and she has meaning and purpose behind her drag as well.

    So really it's a toss up between Symone and Mik and I think we should just crown them both and forget this all happened.
    But I don't know... It's really going to come down to the finale lipsyncs.
  6. If Symone doesn’t win do you humans think her and Gigi would accept being on the same All Stars season?
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  7. Hopefully not so we just get Symone.
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  8. The way they're churning out seasons I'd imagine one of them could turn it down as long as they agreed to be on a season the year after.
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  9. I know we hate her but

    I honestly can’t see Manila in this picture ññ
  10. I've decided Yuhua Hamasaki is a legend who was burdened by the worst season of Drag Race. Take this up with your mothers

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  11. This literally looks like a different person. I'm so confused.
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  12. When did Alaska and Willam become so nice on the Race Chaser podcast? They're being so kind to Kandy and Rose's runway looks from the last episode...
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  13. Sibling Watchery is the better podcast now. Tell it like it actually is, Bob.
  14. 100% agree!
    It's always been the case that my favourite Drag Race girl was Bob and Alaska in joint place. But the sheer amount of content that Bob has provided during lockdown, all of it amazing, means they're my new number one!
  15. I think they tend to be kinder to the current girls. And harsher on the older seasons.
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  16. You could tell me this was Bella Thorne and I'd believe it.
  17. Uno


    Always has been.

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  18. Miss Fame stays winning, they deserve the world.

  19. Can a kind soul PM me any S13 finale spoilers if/when they appear? I realize the spoiler thread probably has multiple seasons worth of shit going on so trying to avoid.
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