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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 / All Stars 6

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I do think it's hilarious as well and would be a harmless way for her to launch her YouTube channel with some buzz. But other queens jumping in on it to pile on Monet and even Bob to paint them as anti-black is really taking it from harmless fun to pretty sad.
  2. I already expected that from The Vixen, but did any other girls do it?
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  3. I believe Coco Montrese has been tearing Monet up in Instagram comments, but I can't find the actual receipts. Jaida made a vague post (on the previous page) about critiquing can cross the line into bullying and shut down a comment about Tamisha being a bully, but then followed up with "All this post said is that critiquing and bullying are two different things. At no point am I saying or said that anyone involved is going too far or mean. Relax", when someone mentioned Monet wasn't bullying.

    So basically only The Vixen, which is even sadder when you watch Sibling Rivalry's previous episode about Reality TV where Monet defends The Vixen and actually says that Eureka was the villain of their season.
  4. I hope the Tuesday update is where my hi-tops and flip-flops are.

    (Still hopeful this is the world's greatest publicity stunt rather than actual bad blood)
  5. RJF


    A fortnight of draining, draining Bald And The Beautiful content...

  6. Sorry Tina Burner
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  7. I don’t know what they were thinking with these Mother’s Day specials. They’re all of sudden devoid of humour and they do not come across as astute or wise enough to flesh out the subject matter they’re talking about to make it interesting. I recall Katya’s original podcast being similar.

    Hopefully they’re back laughing with porn stars and making jokes about paedophiles again soon.
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  8. Waiting for Tamisha....
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  10. Same. Can't wait to see what happens.

  11. Drag Race is preparing itself for the storm.
  12. We all have mental health.

  13. The first reply is what they should've posted instead. It would've done the same effect.

  14. Giving me "everyone has been doing emails".
  15. Me ready for Ru to announce Drag Race Malta in the forthcoming hours

  16. Pretty rich for a show that doesn't provide their contestants with any therapy or mental support after the show to be vague and performative about caring for mental health... knowing today is the day some big drama could go down. I can't eyeroll harder.
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  17. Wait at Katya’s mum at least playing the game though.
  18. I know Jinkx has always been a little bananas, but...
  19. Don’t do my heritage like that
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  20. It's Deven Green, fully off the rails. Best in small doses methinks.
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