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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. AS5 lacked any tension, as much as I love Shea they gave her zero serious competition to go up against.
    It felt short in length and flat on atmosphere & apart from Jujubee talking heads and Alexis reminding us all that she’s an absolute legend, it was as dull as dishwater.
  2. It was a season where they should have finally tried out no eliminations until the end and also could have used some of those insane reality television techniques from the mid-2000s to invoke insanity, such as starvation and sleep deprivation etc. etc.
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  3. The way they all walked in singing Silky’ s talent show song is so cute.
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  4. Uno


    Jan's delusion was funny at first but now it's draining.
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  5. Trinity's dentures being on the verge of fully falling out of her mouth makes me very uncomfortable.
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  6. I can’t get over how awful Gingers outfit and make up were. Eliminate her on the spot!
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  7. She deserved half the votes for that look
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  8. I have the biggest crush on Scarlet (in and) out of drag.

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  9. She's the weakest queen in the cast. But I fear they're going to drag her out for the show's narrative.
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  10. I'm ready for more chaos from this cast. The mark of a good season is when the day before a new ep feels long.
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  12. “You’re fake and that’s why Derick don’t like you”

    i legitimately mumbled this under my breath at work yesterday
  13. Uno


    I wish Alexis was on this season of All-Stars instead.
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  14. Sam


  15. All of the voiceovers they included of Ru explaining the challenge that they added in after just so Ru can say "OF YOUR CHOICE", so no one can drag the producers for who they selected ffff. Ok werk.

    Also Pandora saying the first funny thing I've ever heard her say when they were about to go through the lipstick box. So proud of her growth <3
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  16. There really was something different about the season 2/3 girls, just constantly behaving like sharks sniffing for blood.
  17. All Stars 5 really was just a filler season. Sorry to Shea and Jujubee.
  18. I didn´t have any desire to watch AS5 - it was obvious who would win.

    For me it also really tarnished my impression of Shea - the whole narrative of her being robbed...was not only petty but also boring.
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  19. Everyone was saying that S9 wasn't that interesting leading up to the finale cause it was soooo obvious that Shea was gonna win.

    If y'all would stop accusing the show of being so predictable, maybe Shea would've won Season 9 like she deserved and she wouldn't have to bore you with her storyline on AS5.

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  20. Well, I would say on the episodes where they're by themselves, they do discuss things that trend a bit darker or at least a bit more behind the curtain than UNHhhh which is far more fascinating to me. They already give advice on UNHhhh now as it is, and honestly, I don't need to hear from their fans because I'm a fan and I know I'm insufferable. If you are listening to a Trixie and Katya podcast, you're listening for a long-form interaction between the two just chattering away.

    My favourite episodes are with people they work with, not people only Trixie works with teebs, but those people tend to be more ~relatable content~ meanwhile the people they both work with tend to be more involved in...creating a fantasy, like Jeff, Amy Doan, Franz Szony and obviously Violet. I liked them talking about how their guests interpreted beauty because that involved the smoke and mirrors of creating beauty and what those powers give to you in life, not to go all Ruple's Pop Psychology Race in here. Likewise, that's why I'm also always interested in them interviewing porn stars because, one, it's a subject they're both enthused about, and two, it's related to creating a fantasy which is what drag is about.

    Anyways, I do also agree with @Jwentz that I'd love to see more content from Katya on her own but I also do think that if it were not for Trixie, Katya would do much less which may be for her own mental health benefit but the undercurrent of Katya having to be like, coaxed into doing things in the Trixie and Katya Cinematic Universe is a touch strong at this point.
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