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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. If anyone was going to beat Ra'jah and Trinity, I am glad it was Ms Love. She was a pleasure to watch all season.... which somehow turned out to be the most satisfying All Stars we've had in years. Arguably the best, given how stacked AS2 was in Alaska's favour.
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  2. The fact we survived three grueling seasons of Eureka and Ginger without any crownings. And now we hopefully never have to see them compete in the Werk Room ever again

  3. I was rooting for Rajah to win since episode 2 but Kylie also absolutely deserves it. I'm glad we got a satisfying ending for one of the best seasons in recent years.
  4. BTG


    Kylie about to face plant complete with slow-mo disaster editing and then saving herself by somersaulting into the perfect landing was high camp. Sometimes I love this stupid gay ass show.
  5. I loved this season and I'm so happy with the winner, but that finale was extremely mediocre. Ru and Michelle felt very disengaged (even more than normal) during the 'podcast' section and the song was... let's not.

    The critiques and ending saved it for me! I just felt it didn't live up to the rest of the season.
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  6. I've just seen a clip of Kylie writhing on a rug of spikes and LORD it was a blessing
  7. Thank god.

    Ra’Jah absolutely slayed the season too. But fuck, Kylie winning just feels right. Epitome of ‘All Star’.
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  8. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Kylie winning is a great result and this was easily the most satisfying and consistent All Stars since 2. We only had one scripted acted challenge….let’s celebrate that!
  9. So happy with the result. Ra'jah did great but Kylie is also a worthy winner. She hit lots of the right notes, particularly in her speech, and her win is so satisfying for a long time fan of the show. There's so much talent in the earlier seasons.
  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Season 2 has a winner again!
  11. Do they beep out the swearing on WOW Presents +?
  12. Let's GO!


    I was rooting for Ra'Jah, not gonna lie, but I'm ecstatic for Kylie. What a beautiful heart and TALENT, she deserves the world and all of the Sonique Love she's going to receive.
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  13. They did Miss Kylie dirty by keeping in that slip. They had footage of 3 other queens in that moment. There was no need.
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  14. I'm in the minority but feel a bit whelmed about Kylie winning. I'm mostly happy that she beat out Ginger and seems like a lovely gal but I don't think she had a run this season that anywhere near warrants an All Stars win. Ra'Jah O'Hara and TKB would have been such amazing Hall of Famers and I really thought Ra'Jah had it in the bag for a moment. But I'm glad Kylie winning shows there's a lot of hope for trans representation on the show after all, given some of Rupaul's questionable takes weren't even that long ago.
  15. Absolutely fuck the shady recap editing trying to make out like Trinity's monologue wasn't well received.
  16. Now that it's not a spoiler to say this- they supposedly did film every combination of a tie.
    So I do wish we had a RaJah + Kylie joint win.
    I do like that this season was not clearly cut for an obvious win like Shea's, Alaska's, Chad's (And in my opinion Trixie's) seasons were. But on the downside of that is then getting this feeling of "Did she win ENOUGH challenges?"
    But -- Drag Race (especially All Stars) isn't really about winning the most challenges (Unless the producers are gearing a season towards you). It's about what you have to say with your drag that stands out. And I think Kylie is a beautiful representation of drag and being a trans woman doing drag, and Drag Race really needed to put that message out after so many years of making trans queens feel like they were less than- and hopefully more trans folks will be welcome to compete going forward.

    That aside, I found it hilarious that this episode knew Ginger wasn't going to win so it made sure to tell us multiple times that she is "one of the biggest stars to ever come out of Drag Race"
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  17. The fact that Kylie, Ra’Jah, TKB, Eureka and Silky came away from this with massive redemptions from their seasons and Ginger came away even more despised makes me happy regardless of who won.
  18. rdp


    There was not nearly enough Ra'jah in that final lipsync for my taste. Good winner, but a meh finale overall
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  19. rdp


    It's a viral moment waiting to happen + people love seeing a queen getting herself back up. That moment clinched her the crown if anything!
  20. If I have to look at the American flag, at least let it be glued to every curve of a beautiful drag queen’s perfect body and covered in sparkles and glitter - Kylie looked out of this world sensational. I am in love with her gaudy high glamour aesthetic. TKB was my choice for the win (and I’m still salty that she wasn’t even a finalist) but Kylie is a more than worthy alternate.
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