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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Apparently the season 14 cast reveal is happening next week but season 13 was so cursed I’m not sure I’m ready
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  2. The Main show production team is so tone-deaf and ignorant, you just know they'll bring a "surprise" twist format back for ep 1 next season instead of giving us fans what we all want
    - Photoshoot mini challenge
    - Drag on a dime maxi challenge
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  3. Was speaking to this cisgender straight girl about drag race and she asked me:

    Who’s the bald lady with the PETALS?

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  4. Come get these petals!

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  5. Season 9 was probably the last season I really enjoyed.
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  6. After Season 13, I never want to watch another season of the main show (truly the worst ever) but I'll take any excuse to watch more of Miss Symone (the one redeeming feature of that cursed hellscape).
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  7. Season 13 had some moments and I think it really suffered from being overly long and produced vs the queens themselves (I'm thinking: Denali's 100% Pure Love, Utica's Sleeping Bag Look, Almost every one of Symone and Mik's looks, LaLa Ri picking up Joey J's notes, Kandy and Tamisha going at it). The real issue is that the challenges all felt uninspired and it came out at the same time as UK2 which was stacked.
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  8. Utica roasting RuPaul is the highlight of season 13.
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  9. Season 13 was a cursed hellhole, but looking back I think I only survived that winter on the fumes from my burning hatred for the whole thing.
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  10. Just say Tina Burner. We all hate her.
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  11. I'm just now watching the episode of Project Runway Ru guested on which birthed this iconic look.


    Also, Acid Betty was there and looked amazing.

  12. She really said fuck the environment!

  13. Condragulations to Scarlet for winning season 1 of Frack Race!
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  14. the tweet has been deleted whats the tea.
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  15. Henvy got into NFTs, got dragged on Twitter for it, and deleted.
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  16. oh good yes please get roasted.
  17. People complaining about this is the equivalent of campaigning about straws in the ocean while ignoring 99.9% of other plastics.
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  18. I mean they’re also a massive scam and normalising them is a bad look.
  19. One of my favourite season 13 moments was when Ross and Carson were talking about how good she had been in the last challenge and she could just turn the magic ‘on’.. she then proceeded to be amazing in the soda commercial challenge. No shady editing, no ‘we’ll say she’s good and then that week she does badly’ nonsense, just recognition of her amazing star quality.

    this and her runways. I remember nothing else of season 13 honest
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