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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Even this thread hasn't had a blow up like we're had for every other season premier.
    A mess indeed.
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  2. Rupaul being asked to sum Drag Race up in one word

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  3. I’ll definitely keep up with the season via Sibling Rivalry and IMHO but for the first time in years I feel quite free of the actual show. I don’t think the format is the problem (UK2 is evidence of the format being bullet proof given production get other elements - casting, storytelling - right) but the people making this show have lost the ability to make great reality TV, I fear. Almost every season since like, 8 has been overblown and laborious. It’s not worth investing time in a story I know is going to be frustrating and annoying.
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  4. This is part of the reason I read the spoilers. It 1. Softens the blow because I know of all the absolute nonsense weeks ahead of time and 2. Let's me view the show strictly for the drag instead of for any storyline craziness.
    So yeah, I'd maybe recommend reading the spoilers and then once you know them, enjoying the season for the queens instead. Oh, and I also recommend skipping Untucked as it adds nothing of value to the show.
  5. I actually appreciated that this Premiere episode didn't act *SHOOK* when there were only 7 queens. I loved that they were like "Oh guess this is gonna be a 2 parter eh? *shrug*".
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  6. Yeah this is the first season of me skipping Untucked. Until they go back to full on fuckery of two separate rooms, sloppy editing, out of context confessionals, and extra alcohol... it's not essential viewing.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Willow's performance....I can't stop thinking about it.
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  8. RJF


    Speaking of Sibling Rivalry, the most recent episode on interracial dating was amazing. The way I yelled when Bob went, "'re in the KKK."
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  9. So it’s not true? I feel like that whole thing legitimately tanked her career. I even tore my stan card over it.
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  10. If i'm remembering correctly someone tweeted her a screenshot of like the username people think is her, And were like "This you?" and she replied "Oh yes! I'm still on Reddit!". So it was a little ambiguous if she was confirming that was her username or not. But, after all the screenshots were made of the stuff the account was saying, the account was deleted which seems to prove some guilt there.
    So really, we just don't know.
  11. I’m only watch cause I use @aaronhansome’s Wow subscription hdhdhd
  12. To me this could also read as the rabid Trinity stan seeing the backlash Trinity was getting and having enough clarity to cut it out but yeah I also stopped following her after the mess + Trinity the Block saga.
  13. But paramount + doesn’t even have it in the US, right now they only have season 1 through 11
  14. Because in the US, VH1 has the rights to air it. Internationally, they can put it in different places. But they'll make more money having it on their own platform (Paramount+) than selling the streaming rights to Netflix.
  15. but doesn’t Paramount/Viacom own vh1? Aren’t they just forcing people into cable packages rather than helping their own steaming service?
  16. I don't think I understand your question.
    In the US it'll be on VH1. All Stars last season was only on Paramount+, I think as a way to get people to subscribe.
    Now this season, in the US it's still on VH1. But in Europe, Paramount+ is set to launch so instead of striking another deal to give Drag Race to Netflix, they put it (i'm assuming temporarily) on WoW+ only- until they move it to Paramount+ in Europe later, which will make Viacom more money than having it on Netflix as it has been.
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  17. It was honestly all of us in 2021.

    Also, can’t stop quoting the Kornbread song: “Booking 100k, next city, next town.”
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  18. I managed to watch this week's episode of The Pit Stop, which was fun and a weird way to try and catch up with the episode without watching it. I don't have any way of watching this season here in the UK without either going bootleg or signing up for yet another streaming platform. So, I've decided I just won't/can't watch this season and like others have said in here - it's weirdly freeing? I'll dip in and out of this thread for updates, but I'm excited to consume this season without the heavy-handed production shenanigans and all the rest of it. I never realised just how much of a bad number the last american season did on me - God those were bleak days!
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  19. I can't express how much this is my kind of funny. I thought I was going to pee. The timing is impeccable.

    This also tickled me. Miss Gunn bringing chaos. Kornbread said no maam.

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  20. A Sam Smith winning the Oscar chai.
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