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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

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    The way she’s got me hooked to an Enya song. @Verandi is shaking!
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  2. Kornbread is a superstar already and deserved that win, but Willow bringing CHAOS to the workroom and the runway in such a surreal way… my little gay heart is crying.
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  3. Kornbread, Willow, Kerri... A Top 3.
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  4. fffff I just saw the video. Screaming!

    I didn't even know there was a new season nn I'm so out of the loop
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  5. Honestly Willow going from 'lolol they cast her so that someone left early' to 'wow this queen is everything right with 2022 drag, what a star' in the space of 20 minutes... talent. The LEG at the end of her show going up! She's so sweet too.
  6. I’m only watching for Willow to be honest.
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  7. This is Meg Stalter right down to the stumbled words, I'm screaming.
  8. Honest to god Willow’s is one of the more creative and conceptual entrance looks…in one fit there’s an entire living and breathing character.
  9. The international rights are owned and sold by WOW, not Viacom/VH1/Paramount+.
    It’s true maybe Paramount+ could have done a deal in the U.K. for the next series, but it would be a case of WOW agreeing to sell it to that platform - not a matter of Viacom/VH1/Paramount+ “just putting it on their own platform”.
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  10. I am still floored by Willow and how perfectly she strategised for that first episode. I was so underwhelmed by the first look and by the end of the episode I was left thinking she's one of the most exciting queens in years and deserves all the success in the world.
  11. I liked the season premiere. It felt refreshingly relaxed and low key - the best recipe really is just to cast interesting queens and let them do their thing. The gag of the season had already happened with an original (Kornbread’s) song not being shit for once so well hello, let’s celebrate that!
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  12. Willow gives me distinct River Medway vibes. In the best way possible. I'm sure they'll cut Willow in the most unsatisfying way in a surprise 7-way lipsync where she'll be one of five queens eliminated.
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  13. I can see Willow reaching the final to be honest. Ru loved her and she loves an under-dog. And Willow seems prepared.

    It gave me L.A.LOVE (la la) - a low key banger!
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  14. Willow made Ru laugh in the first episode, which bodes well for her going far on a series of RuPaul's Favourite Drag Queen Race.

    I'm obsessed with Kerri Colby. I mean, when she's that stunning, how can you not be?
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  15. Ru can barely dance and was meh about Kerri doing a jump rope routine while rapping and still managing to look good? The hateration.
  16. And then they struggle to stay on topic hdbfbdb
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  17. So is Drag Race fatigue just another buzz word like superhero fatigue now?
  18. I think Drag Race fatigue has only hit those of us who watch or at least keep up with every season that they've been pumping out across the world meanwhile the GP probably only keep up with US (and maybe UK) seasons. I mean, some of the international seasons from 2021 have episodes comfortably slotted into the lowest rated episodes in the franchise's history.
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  19. Agree with above.

    I just wish they’d space things out a bit more. Give the queens from each season a chance to connect globally before they chuck in the next lot.
  20. Nobody really watches Spain / Italy etc though. The GP Drag Race fans watch whatever is on Netflix or the iplayer - it's only hardcored who seek Holland or all UK seasons. And the hardcores will always be interested.
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