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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I was tired with UK S3 but this feels quite refreshing actually.

  2. I fear Kerri will get the Naomi / Tayce treatement ie absolute superstar but met with 'okay cool' every week.
  3. Another day on this cursed planet has passed without Asia O'Hara winning the All Stars crown and I am tired.
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  4. I've been in awe of Willow and Kornbread but I shouldn't forget Kerri because she's fucking stunning. I couldn't take my eyes off her face - she is so beautiful.

    But also, her confessional moments were some of my favourite. She's very funny and likeable. There's not even a hint of an attitude about her. I love that for her.
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  5. I was very indifferent to the new season after UK3 but I decided to watch the second season of Canada’s Drag Race during the holidays and it was easily the best one in 2021 so that reignited my interest a bit again.

    Also excited for International All Stars.
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  6. I’m already vomiting at the thought of the ‘wiwwiw piw’ being a thing for so many more episodes. RuPaul really needs to reign it in.

    As for the talent show, Willows performance was pretty cool/funny. If I’m totally honest, no shade to Willow but I feel the music choice was what made it all the more bonkers/funnier.
  7. I lived for Ru’s “performance”. She’s 62. And she’s fabulous.

    The second episode preview actually looks quite good.
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  8. Which no doubt was chosen by Willow for the performance?
  9. It was also the best Canada season. The hosts + casts were PERFECT. I loved Canada season two and would easily rewatch. Correct winner too.
  10. The gag of the season so far is the show paying for actual songs that aren’t Ru’s.
  11. Ddd I hate Willow and I'm perplexed at the dual forrem and rewpall stanning. I just don't see it? Maybe ha drag just isn't for me which is ok.

    Anyway, stan Kornbread and Kerri Colby.
  12. The way I haven't watched the Season 13 episodes more than once and yet, I've gone back to this 3 times now. I really loved Bosco's wicked glamour runway, and I continue to be obsessed with how she paints her eyebrows.
  13. Agreed! I also enjoyed the first season a lot despite some questionable judging and budget, mostly because of the cast. This is two seasons in a row now that Canada’s Drag Race feels a lot less scripted than the regular franchise. The cast, the decisions and most of the season’s roll out feel very genuine.
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  14. I've been cackling at this for the past 20 minutes
  15. Still thinking about it days on and Willow's performance is also an artistic statement on life in lockdown.
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  16. I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed the premiere. Last season was one of the most excruciating things I've ever watched so the bar was below the floor nn. This had a charm to it that the show hasn't had in a while. Kornbread & Willow are my immediate favorites.

    I'm glad the stans are immediately latching on to Willow's iconicness. I'll always stan the weirdo queens who give nothing but chaos.
  17. R92


    The tear tracks, oh my GOD
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  18. I actually love the idea of this variety show challenge for the premiere. Most of the queens took it as a chance to show off the kind of performances they'd do in the club in real life, which is actually something we rarely get to see on Drag Race, outside of when they're in the bottom lipsyncing. It's nice to see them in their element. I wish more of them leaned in to what they do in real life, instead of trying to go against who they are as a performer. And i'm glad they let queens perform to real songs. It felt like the most "drag show" the show has really gone. And it didn't go too far into "talent show", most of the queens did things you'd see at a real show.
    Very enjoyable.
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  19. Dddd the ‘pick me’ defenders are gonna look foolish if this gains proper traction.

    And this is one episode in
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