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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Angeria’s expressionS in that mug is really SENDING MEEEEE
  2. The fact that the fucking breeder came in dressed like Guy Fieri should result in her elimination being the firing squad that Manila Luzon clearly believed was arranged for Latrice in AS4.
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  3. Daya's reaction to Maddy is interesting. I wonder what she knows.
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Maddy is just..uncomfortable viewing. Only Angeria screams legend to me out of this 2nd half, a lot of them seem so uninspired and....boring nn.
  5. It's all about Jorgeous and Angeria for me.
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  6. I get really good energy from Camden in drag, which will probably mean she’s the one that goes.

    If that drag is all Maddy has to show… eesh. Mind you I said the same of Willow.
  7. I wish they would just erase and edit out M****'s presence this season like what they did with S***** ***.
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  8. One of these people is a sexual predator, the other is just straight. I know this is a joke but it's not that funny babes.
  9. I got the sense the 'there's a lot she has to show us' was a double entendre
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  10. I'm assuming it meant that Daya knows Maddy is straight and is therefore going to have to prove herself harder. Or just doesn't think Maddy's drag is that great.
  11. I'm assuming it's knowing she is straight and implying that she is well endowed.
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  12. How is this funnier than anything she did on her season!
  13. The new sibling rivalry AAAHHHHHHH

    Bob and Monet scrapping
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  14. The way that Alaska just keeps bringing the bops

    (I could be mishearing but I think Willam is on backing vocals too?)
  15. I love Bob but it was strangely gratifying to see Monet come out on top for once...Bob was acting ridiculous about the damn tooth. The way Monet identified a chip chink in Bob's armour and spent the whole episode pouring salt and lemon on it like the rim of a Margarita glass...this is why I pay them £8 a month.

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  16. Monet is getting so good at playing Bob sksks

    The turntables have tabled
  17. RJF


    I love that Monet has realised that, to beat Bob's long game, she needs to play an even longer game. The way she'll occasionally just leave Bob speechless by getting the last word or final play on something they tabled half an hour previously. "Can I make I joke? Actually no you know what never mind." had Bob so rattled. I screamed. It's such an engrossing listen.
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  18. It’s like she used Bobs break for surgery to study and strategise on how to screw with him. The first episode after he returned was like psychological warfare fjdjd

    I screamed I cackled I had many epiphanies
  19. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Maddy Morphosis’ first five minutes: “did I mention I’m straight?”
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